Blue’s Antony Costa Considers ‘EastEnders’ Future

‘EastEnders’ star Shane Ritchie has been giving Blue star some acting advice and believes the soap’s writers could come up with the perfect part for him. “Shane Richie’s lovechild. Alfie Moon’s son,” Costa told Radio 1. “I’d love to join ‘Enders, definitely. I’ve got a few friends there. A lot of the ‘Enders cast have actually said ‘We’d love you to be in it’ so who knows? I’ve got myself an acting agent, Shane Richie’s agent, so Shane Richie’s my mentor, he’s my Mr Miyagi as I always call him, and he laughs at that. He’s introduced me to his agent and his agent’s taken me on, so hopefully please God there’s some stuff in the pipeline for me.”

Blue’s Antony Goes In For The Kill After Three Strikeouts

June 5, 2004 – The Mirror reports that before Blue star hooked up with Corrie actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, he tried unsuccessfully to snag ex-Emmerdale actress Adele Silva, Bad Girls beauty Dannielle Brent, and former S Club star Rachel Stevens — all without success. But Lucy-Jo couldn’t resist the crooner’s charms and it wasn’t long before he whisked her off to swanky nightspot, Embassy. “They were all over each other,” a spy revealed. “They were dancing closely and caressing each other. It was quite a show.”

Blue’s Antony Hooks Up With Lucy-Jo Hudson

June 5, 2004 – The Sun reports Blue star hooked up with actress Lucy-Jo Hudson at the FHM Sexiest party in London on Thursday (June 3) at Guild Hall. “It was certainly Blue behavior,” an onlooker remarked. “Antony was all over Lucy-Jo. They were there only ten minutes before they began snogging – and it was full-on. They were like a pair of teenagers left on their own – but the club was really busy. Everyone could see and was whispering.”

Blue’s Antony Complains About Post-Split Tab Treatment

May 25, 2004 – Blue’s Antony Costa expressed frustration in an interview with Sugar magazine about his tumultuous split from ex Lucy Bolster, who has since had his baby, and the highly critical tabloid treatment of his lifestyle. “When I split up with my girlfriend, it was my business… But all the attention has really aggravated the situation,” he said. “Now if I go out and have a drink, I’m branded an alcoholic and a bad person. I’m not asking anyone to get the violins out but I can’t seem to win.”

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