Blue’s Antony Hasn’t Contacted Pregnant Ex Since Split

The Sun reports that despite promises by star to help her now 5-months pregnant ex-girlfriend Lucy Bolster through the pregnancy, she claims the boybander hasn’t even visited her since the split. “He phoned to say it was over,” she said. “He did say he would be there during the pregnancy but I haven’t heard from him at all.” As for Costa hitting the party scene of late, Bolster admitted, “I’m worried about him. Maybe this is his way of coping. It has crossed my mind he might be going off the rails.”

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One thought on “Blue’s Antony Hasn’t Contacted Pregnant Ex Since Split

  1. Kristi Lee says:

    The guy is a loser and already a deadbeat! He had no problem doing the “deed” but now that it has resulted in a pregnancy he runs away scared. Guys like this should be held CRIMINALLY accountable for being such cowards. She and the baby are better off- but I hope she takes him to the cleaners when it comes to child support.

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