Bob Carter Marries Ginger Elrod

Bob Carter, father of star and Aaron Carter, married Ginger Elrod on Thursday (April 1) in Key West, Florida. Elrod was allegedly assaulted by Bob’s ex-wife Jane on January 13, 2004. Posing with the couple on their wedding day were Aaron and Angel Carter.

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3 thoughts on “Bob Carter Marries Ginger Elrod

  1. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I hope that Aaron is genuinely happy with this…He doesn’t need anymore stress with whats going on. It looks like he is, though.

  2. saji says:

    Nick was not there…and I really don’t think Nick picks sides…as to supporting his dad in the marriage.

  3. Jay Wahl says:

    Looking for Aaron or Nick or any of the Carter Family. I was Aaron’s bus driver, Jay, and am trying to get in touch with any one of you. Please e-mail me.

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