Bob Carter Wins His Case, Carter Kids Have Mock Trial

Contributed by elgato:

Angel Carter, sister of Nick and Aaron Carter, posted this on her official site on October 20th: “Hello everyone this is Angel I just wanted too let everyone know that I will now keep everyone updated with a diary on my web site. I have been so busy lately which is why I have not posted in the message boards First of all I am so excited because Ashley moved down too my house with me and is living here now. She’s going too be one of my dancers when I start too sing. Other then that last Thursday Ashley, Leslie, Nick, Aaron, my dad and my mom all had too go to court for the mess that happen in August. My dad won the case we all testified for him but during the day me, Nick, Ashley, Leslie, Aaron and my friend Vanessa all had fake court trials to keep us busy. Nick was the judge. lol! Anyway, I am so happy that my dad won. This weekend we went out on the boats with all my family and practiced for my dad’s boat race which my family and Ash are going too go to in Deerfield. too see you guys there and I will talk to you all soon love you all. AngelC”

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3 thoughts on “Bob Carter Wins His Case, Carter Kids Have Mock Trial

  1. elgato says:

    After all this, it was really ridiculous of MusicMan to put up a poll asking who is the most violent parent and including Bob Carter as one of the choices, when there was no proof or evidence to even suggest that he was guilty. and to all of you who said bad things about Bob, in yo face.

  2. Cicero says:

    Elgato is rude and mean. He called me ‘sissyho’ when I was actually supporting the BSB, all because I pointed out that they left the stage and N’Sync stayed for a while longer. What a jerk. You attack anyone who points out facts that you don’t like. I hope your reputation sucks on this board.

  3. Raymond Smith says:

    I know your father personally and I thought he was a great guy until, after getting to know him and watching him sell off all of your brothers things with little or no regard my opinion changed. Your mother wasn’t the only one with their hand in the cookie jar… Angel don’t be surprised if your photos etc are next on E-Bay.I personally like the photo of you with the chocolate cake in your teeth. lol Your dad showed me a lot of pics that were taken. My question is what exactly did he win in the long run ?????? Good luck with your career….

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