Bobby Kray Confirms Lily Allen Pushed Him Off Stage & Went To Hospital

Bobby Kray posted the following message to fans on his blog at MySpace (@bobbykraymusic) on Tuesday (August 28):

Firstly, and I’m just gonna get this out of the way now…..YES, did show up to my stage at Carnival, YES, she did TRY and grab my microphone, YES, she did push me off the stage, and YES I did pour her can of Guinness over her head in front of everyone…..

Luckily there was a bush to break my fall and THANK YOU to the people that helped me back up allowing me to continue my performance throughout the drama without missing a single note. Ha ha. Whoever said I wasn’t a pro… (Cheers guys) I had to pop down to the hospital this evening to get a pain checked out in my neck and my ankle. I had consumed one or two beers yesterday and didn’t feel anything until I woke up today.

I’ve no idea why it happened, as Lily and I have always gotten on so well. I think she just had a bit too much of the Carnival spirit. Lily came off worse for it as the crowd didn’t really appreciate her actions. Nay mind. I’m gonna have a chat with her soon enough and sort it out. I have to calm down my family first. They were absolutely livid.

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