Borat Comments On Madonna Adoption

The Sun’s Victoria Newton asked Borat if he thought should have adopted a baby from Kazakhstan instead of Malawi. “No, unless there is proof he would be a good father,” said the funnyman, who is really comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. “I recent saw this singing transvestite Madonna on televisions wearing a very tight costume and between the legs it looked like two monkeys fighting in a hammock. That would not be a good example for a tiny child.” Read more.

Blames Media For Adoption Firestorm

October 25, 2006 – taped her interview with ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ via satellite from London on Tuesday (October 24), for airing Wednesday. According to a member of the ‘Oprah’ audience, Madonna said she was startled by press reports about the toddler’s father, Yohane Banda, who was quoted last week as saying he didn’t realize he was signing away custody of his son, David, “for good.”

Madonna’s Latest Controversy

October 22, 2006 – CNN Headline News ‘Showbiz Tonight’ correspondent Sibila Vargas profiled the controversy surrounding Madonna’s adoption of an African baby boy. The segment, featuring comments from Cheryl Carter-Shotts of Americans for African Adoption, JD Heyman and Julie Jordan of People magazine, and Kiera MacCaffery of the Catholic League has since been removed from

Madonna’s U.S. Roots Come In Handy For Adoption

October 22, 2006 – With Madonna having homes in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, the singer had the chance to take advantage of the American adoption laws which are less strict than in England, adoption advocates tell The New York Post. “We are generally more amenable to adoption, internationally and domestically. We are the adoption nation,” said Adam Pertman, executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. “Madonna can afford the best lawyers, so my guess is that she’s well advised and did it the quickest way possible.”

Madonna Bombarded By ‘Comedy Terrorist’

October 22, 2006 – Aaron Barschak, the self-named “comedy terrorist,” jumped in front of the Madonna’s car in London on Thursday (October 19) screaming “Adopt your local terrorist, adopt the Al-Qaeda” while sucking on a binky. Madonna paid no attention to the comedian and drove off, prompting Barschak to say “I’m too old, too hairy for her to adopt.”

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