Both Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Exaggerated

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Look, I’m a fan of AND Christina Aguilera. I think they both have great music, and that’s the reason I’m a fan of them to begin with. It just amuses but disturbs me how everyday many of you, both Britney and Christina fans alike, seem to just idolize one or the other so much that you have to sometimes lie and exaggerate when it comes to their record sales, popularity, etc. Let me explain more.

First of all, what point are some of y’all making in comparing their music? They both sound different, can’t y’all just accept that and stop acting as if there’s so much similarities in their music and sound. And what point are some of you making by questioning whether or not Britney is a singer or performer, and vice versa. It’s just simple guys, Britney is more of a performer and a lucky media frenzied celebrity that gets overrated for everything she does, where Christina is more of a singer who may try to get just as much attention, but still seems to come off as just being her own person without focusing so much on her image and on what people think. That’s simple people. And I’m amazed at how some of you still talk about ‘In The Zone’ and ‘Stripped’, all in one sentence! ‘Stripped’ has been out for almost 2 years ago, where ‘In The Zone’ has only been out for a few months. It’s so pointless people; you are pretty much making a very unnecessary debate on something that will never prove anything! People care less Britney made it to #1 again or whatever, nobody cares, there are other artists out there that people are focusing on besides Britney. Now if I must, let’s talk about the most important factor here: TALENT. Many of you Britney fans EXAGGERATE on her talents, for example, I remember somebody said that she’s a musician, actor, piano player, composer, songwriter, performer, singer, writer, author, producer, director, and tour designer. C’MON. Now that’s really exaggerating, why can’t you just say the things that she actually gets a little credit for doing well, instead of adding things that are just really false and stretching the truth or just something that she didn’t even do well in (her ACTING for instance, which sucked, the girl can’t act). And some of you are saying how her new singles are more popular than any of her singles ever. You guys need to be real and stop being in this dream world. What hurt would it do to say that her singles today aren’t as popular as her singles in the past, they are just getting airplay and some notice. Those being #1 on very few charts in like months after the singles come out don’t make her more popular. Some of you fans seem to just forget that her singles and albums sales are steadily going up, but gradually going down as well, so therefore u are just lying and exaggerating. And as for Christina fans, some of you exaggerate on her talents too. Yes, she’s a great singer, and yeah maybe she wrote a few songs, but she’s not some freakin’ genius here! Her talents are more advanced and defined than Britney’s, her vocal talent can obviously just drown Britney’s voice like the music in ‘In The Zone’ had done, but that doesn’t mean she’s all that. She’s a great singer for her age, that is all.

And finally, I’m more irritated when both Christina and Britney fans compare them when it comes to the image. You Britney fans will say that her being half nude in photo shoots is “classy” and “tasteful”, where Christina can do the same thing and you say she’s “slutty” and a “hoe”. That’s just dumb people. And that’s vice versa to Christina fans too. Some of you really need to grow up. Many of you just exaggerate and give both Christina and Britney too much credit. All in all, they’re both pretty much not as hot and popular as they used to be. Sure, they can still sell records and get noticed, but today people are more interested in other artist, new artists, just something different. We can’t all be amazed by Britney stripping for “shock value” and Christina playing “Dirrty” in music videos and at award show events forever. The reason why they became so popular to begin with was because they had that look, that image, and that style that was right at the booming age of the pop era. Now that era has pretty much died out, and now they’re trying to follow along other artists and other trends to stay in. They’re doing okay, but they aren’t doing as well as many of you Britney and Christina fans exaggerate so much about. THE END.

P.S. I know some of you are going to be saying “ANOTHER ESSAY!! GET OFF U LOSER ANONYMOUS!!” Well, pipe down already, whose making you read them anyway? And the essays seem to be the only thing that y’all comment about on popdirt, when there is news there’s like 20 comments where if it were a thoughts and opinion essay there will be 150 comments and counting. So if you don’t like essays, then don’t read them. Simple as that. Goodbye.

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One thought on “Both Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Exaggerated

  1. joey says:

    yeah the foundation of people siding with Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera is built on hypocrisy since they both follow similar formulas.

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