Boy At Neverland Isn’t Michael Jackson’s Son

Roger Friedman of reports that a young man staying at ’s Neverland Ranch named Omer Bhatti has been with the singer on and off for the last eight years, and despite the King of Pop’s claims, isn’t his biological son. Jackson has told several of his closest associates that he is the boy’s father, and that Omer’s mother is a Norwegian fan with whom Jackson had a one-night-stand around 1987. One Jackson insider, who was with the singer when he met Bhatti, revealed: “I met the mother and the boy with Michael. We were afraid she was stalking him in the hotel lobby. But then we met her, and the boy did his imitation of Michael.” Read more.

MSNBC Coverage Of Michael Jackson Court Appearance

September 21, 2004 – Pointed questions for the mother of the boy who accused Michael of molestation, as the second of a two-day hearing got underway Friday, reports NBC’s Mark Mullen. Watch MSNBC’s report of the singer leaving the courthouse, the statement from his attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. saying Jackson “is innocent and will be vindicated”, and comments from Jackson friend Stacy Brown at

Michael’s The Most Popular Name For Boys

September 21, 2004 – Conan O’Brien joked about Michael Jackson during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night. Conan said, “According to a new survey, this year, the most popular name for boys is ‘Michael.’ Yeah. [Scattered applause] Coincidently, the most popular name for people being sued by boys is also ‘Michael’.”

Jackson Hurts His Case

September 21, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “The ‘Today Show’ did a feature on how age is a a state of mind. They always do this when you get old. They tell you it’s a state of mind. And you should make up your own rules about age. Like they said, 50 is the new 30. That’s what they say. Don’t confuse it with Michael Jackson’s 12 is the new 21, that’s not the same. [Laughter] Oh, and Michael Jackson was in court today facing the mother of the boy he’s accused of molesting. He faced the mother. I don’t think he helped his case any when he said, ‘Now which one was your kid?'”

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2 thoughts on “Boy At Neverland Isn’t Michael Jackson’s Son

  1. FuturePast says:

    The grand obviously thinks there is enough evidence or adequate testimony for him to stand trial. Now it’s gone from a media case where there is more room for speculation to one where there is a grand jury indictment. Furthermore, this is the 4th person who has made claims, one of whom is seeking nothing. Jacko would love people to believe he has all these paternity suits and kids from one night stands, truth be, that takes a woman, not a 12 year old boy.

  2. Candie says:

    Nice try. But due to the HUGE slip-up the kid is not his son. I am not surprised that now Michale is gone people will begin to come out of the woodwork with someting or other to get fame and fortune (with the economy being the way it ie) but listen, If thiks is really Michael Jackson;s son wwhere are all of the “real” Jackson features that all other Jackson grandchildren have?

    In the future if you wnat to come forth claiming to be Michael Jackson’s child make sure that you come forth with real God given biological Jackson features and not the ones aquireed by Plastic surgeans and life inflicted tragedies.

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