‘Boy Bands Are Making Our Kids Gay!’

Todd Longwell of Weekly World News spoke with Rev. Harvey Polstom who is claiming that music from boy bands like *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boy are turning young boys into homosexuals. Polstom said, “The way they prance around on stage, singing with their girly voices and grabbing their nether regions. It sets off a hormonal chain reaction in these poor boys that is leading them down the path of homosexuality.”

FLZ Touts Britney, *NSYNC, In Free Show

February 28, 2002 – Contributed anonymously: Looks like 93.3 FLZ, Tampa scores another coup! A huge concert is set to hit the FLZ parking lot later this week: *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Ja Rule, Shakira, Linkin Park, and Kylie Minogue. The concert will also feature a special appearance by Ashton Kutcher from ‘That 70s Show!’

Moderator note: Hey Anonymous… There is NO February 29 this year. Sounded great though eh? It will be interesting to see how many suckers head to the parking lot on the imaginary day.

Gorillaz Want *NSYNC Destroyed… Timberlake With Them

February 25, 2002 – During the Gorillaz chat with reporters at tour this weekend’s press conference in Toronto, Nakamura expressed his desire to have *NSYNC’s join the animated group. Nakamura said, “We’re trying to knock those *NSYNC guys right off the charts because once that happens I think Justin can join our band. We want to destroy *NSync so Justin has no choice but to come and join Gorillaz.” As for the current state of pop music, bandmate Hewitt adds, “We’re bigger than all of them and they hate us. They’ll all end up as sad washed up crackheads. Except for Justin Timberlake, he has a career anytime he wants it with us.”

Youth Go On Drunken Rampage Following *NSYNC Show

February 24, 2002 – Ok, maybe 99.9% of the rioters at the Salt Lake City Olympics Saturday night were not at the *NSYNC show, but it is worth noting following their performance a crowd of 2,000 people went on a drunken rampage shortly after midnight. Rubber bullets were fired as about 50 riot police struggled to control a rampage while making over 30 arrests.

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4 thoughts on “‘Boy Bands Are Making Our Kids Gay!’

  1. LilMands82 says:

    What the hell kinda thing is this?! Boy Bands can not make people gay! That is just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. People don’t “turn” gay- they are BORN that way…that’s just the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  2. nsynclvr says:

    Boy bands do not make kids gay!!! I have been listening to boy bands since 1997 and I am not gay… so has my sister and she isn’t gay!!! This article is so stupid.

  3. AClovezME says:

    I am just laughing my ass off over here! saying boy band make kids gay is the stupidest thing i have ever heard! it’s impossible. and even if it is true. what do you have against homosexuality? huh? are you embarrassed because your kids are gay, and you need someone to blame. oh i know who, those 5 cool guys over there who live for nothing more than to make their families, friends, and fans happy! yeah, we’ll blame them. they look totally suspicious! you know what it is! it’s the beard! and the leather jackets, dark sunglasses, and the bandanas. yep, that nick carter sure is vicious ain’t he! WHATEVER!!! you guys need to face it. there is no way anyone can physically tell you, “you’re gay now, okay?” if anyone is making anyone gay, it’s themselves. please leave the boy bands alone, they are not doing anything wrong. would you rather them listen to rap and end up on the street dead?

  4. jrtzspecial says:

    This is a downright SHAME!!! Both of these young people have been through enough already ~ can’t we leave them alone :( They have known and loved each other too long and no matter what people think of Justin Timberlake, I am SURE he didn’t say that!!! Enough is enough…the media needs to LET IT GO…let them live their lives!

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