Boy George Slams Madonna For Practicing Kabbalah

Boy George has slammed Madonna for embracing the Kabbalah after he learned the mystical offshoot of Judaism preaches homosexuality is a disease. “I have a problem with Madonna’s devotion to Kabbalah, because I watched a documentary that said that Kabbalah believes that gay people are diseased and can be cured,” the Culture Club singer explained. “She’s such a hypocrite. This is the woman who has embraced homosexuality and used it to her advantage.”

Madonna Signs On To Play Transvestite

February 19, 2005 – Madonna is planning to play a transvestite in a yet to be named Hollywood film as Candy Darling, a source tells The Sun. “Madonna has been desperate to make a film where she can earn respect for her acting abilities,” a source said. “She is still trying to shake off the bad publicity from the movie ‘Swept Away’. She sees this as her big chance. She said she would do anything for the part and has agreed to work for free.” Darling starred in a series of Andy Warhol’s experimental films in the 1960s and was the inspiration behind the Velvet Underground classic ‘Candy Says’ and Lou Reed’s solo hit ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

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6 thoughts on “Boy George Slams Madonna For Practicing Kabbalah

  1. popstar says:

    He does have a point. Why is Madonna going against something she obviously supports? & Don’t tell me she’s quit since she’s joined Kabbalah, because I’ve been hearing about her religion since before & after the Britney-Madonna incident at the VMA’s.

  2. galleta says:

    Madge did a lot of crap in her youth, she even surrounded herself with gays and had a couple of lesbian experiences herself which she gladly publicized, But now Madge is a mom, it’s amazing how one matures and their values change when they have kids. I don’t know what Kabbalah teaches but why in the world would Boy George care what Madge does, he’s just needing publicity.

  3. ihateoreilly says:

    Boy George joins the cast of Elton John and Joni Mitchell in “Our careers are in decline so lets get publicity by bashing Madonna.” Such a shame, cause all three are very talented. I just hope that when Madonna stops getting attention, she doesn’t turn out to be the same way.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    He’s absolutely right….. This, in a sense, would be sort of like me signing to Britney Spears’ production company, or if she was ever to start her own label, like me signing to that. I’ve disliked her for so long and hated everything she stands for, yet I’m gonna sign to her label…. YEAH!! Not so much. Madonna has embraced and used homosexuality to get ahead in her career, yet she’s all about a “religion” that disses it….. I don’t quite understand her thinking on that one!

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    Madonna uses whatever is controversial at the moment to make herself look “innovative” and like she doesn’t give a damn. When the taboo topic was homosexuality she used that, when it was the war she used that too. Madonna does not believe in anything other than using everything for publicity and attention. Too bad her haggard ass can’t sell records any more because people caught on to her stupid schemes.

  6. GayIsBeauitfulNotAdisease says:

    I agree with Boy George statements and gay people are humans they should be treated respectivly its wrong to say they are diseased when there not I fine that highly insulting its very absurd how straight retarded people like mandonna would say something like this she needs too shut the hell up and stop starting trouble with Boy George gay people have every right to be who they are and they are happy what they are and gay is beauitful not a disease

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