Branch Expands On Earlier Controversial Comments

Michelle Branch cleared the air on some of her very controversial comments that recently screenshot after the topic was immediately removed. On her criticism of Mandy Moore’s weird lisp and MTV hosting gig, she said, “My post about Mandy Moore ESPECIALLY wasn’t in any way in negative connotation. I was saying I felt like her because I was hosting an MTV show. Something she does quite often.”

As for her comments on Vanessa Carlton and not liking her “one fu**ing bit”, she said, “While I respect what Vanessa is doing and how far she has come along, I don’t necessarily care for her music. The reaction of laughter to my sarcasm was definitely NOT the reaction I got. And I’m sure Vanessa is sick and tired of being compared to me every time she does an interview! (Sorry Vanessa!!!) Bottom line, we are two different artists who happen to both write music, we are both female and we both have dark hair. But nowhere does it say you have to like either her or me.”

Don’t take her added comments as an apology though, as Branch said, “This isn’t really an apology because, well, I’m stubborn and I think maybe other people need to apologize for taking it the wrong way.” Branch also commented on the reaction to her vehement “I’m not a lesbian” answer that got lesbians hot under the collar as well.

Fan Travels 1000 Miles To Meet Vanessa Carlton

April 8, 2002 – A fan Georgia who travelled 1000 miles to meet up with Vanessa at her first performance in Houston shared her experience on Carlton’s official site message board. The young girl named Let, who’s journey was documented by a radio station in Houston, said, “She was so adorable. Sam introduced us and she remembered we talked on the phone before. (She is good). Anyhow, we talked and she was so sweet. She signed autographs, with the sweetest messages. She took pictures with us. She is still so very humble. It was so cool to hear everyone singing ‘A Thousand Miles.’ She showed us her album. OMG it is so cool. Great pictures of her and artwork. She is very excited and proud as she should be.”

Vanessa Carlton Checks In After First Show

April 7, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official site’s message board earlier tonight telling them, “Hey there. Just got back from Houston. It was officially the first complete show I’ve ever done with my band. Really cool crowd. God, I wish I was performing every single day. I miss it to death. FYI Last night, I had the best sushi ever. Had a great three hour nap on the plane back. I have a day off tomorrow!! I hope you all enjoy this Saturday night as much as me.”

Vanessa Carlton’s Album Getting Mastered Today

April 4, 2002 – Vanessa checked in with fans on her official site’s message board on Thursday. Vanessa said, “Hey there. Haven’t talked in a bit. Got some news: the album is getting mastered today, then shipped off to the factory. I’ve been waiting for this day for a sweet hot second. I must confess I’m dying to go on tour. I really got to get in front of you guys and play. It keeps me going. FYI, I got lost today for an hour in my car and I ate some really sweet green grapes. God I love grapes. Needless to say, the grapes helped me find my way home (sorry I’m in one of those moods).”

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