Brandi Carlile Reflects On Her Third Album ‘Give Up The Ghost’

Brandi Carlile

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brandicarlileband) on Monday (August 17), talking about the upcoming release of her third studio album ‘Give Up The Ghost’, out October 6th via Sony Music. The Seattle based singer songwriter tells readers:

I just wanted to send out a message about our new album ‘Give Up The Ghost’.

It’s been a totally unique experience for us. As some of you know, we recorded ‘The Story’ in under two weeks, where as this record took more than a year. They say that it takes you your whole life to write your first record and then you have to write your second in a matter of months.

Well if this is so then to give up the ghost is to make a transition from one life to the next and transcend time in order to grow. This is to say that the songs on this record are time travelers instead of glimpses into the present and onto the road.

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