Brendan James Rocks The Vote

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@brendanjames) on Wednesday (October 8). The New York City based singer songwriter tells readers:

I had to tell you, Its been fun rocking my ‘rock the vote’ t-shirt the last few days.. thanks to the ‘rock the vote’ people for driving their big ass bus to meet up with me in Columbus.. I’ve always believed in voting, especially for this election. I think young people are going to play such a huge role in the future of this country, so its an important one to say the least. – The last time I did Rock the Vote I was in and every time I was trying to film my commercial someone interrupted with a loud sound check, I thought I was being punk’d I’ll see if I can upload the video to here, but you can see it if you YouTube Brendan James, rock the vote. Worth a good laugh!!

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