Brian Dunkleman Speaks His ‘American Idol’ Peace

Brian Dunkelman, former co-host of ‘American Idol’, came in to talk to Howard Stern Wednesday morning about how he left the show. It was reported in the news that Dunkelman was dropped but he claims that he left on his own. Howard brought him in and found out his girlfriend was with him so he had the guys bring her in too. Howard spent a few minutes talking to Brian about why he thinks he wasn’t fired from the show. The show is saying he wasn’t brought back so that’s being fired in Howard’s book. Brian told Howard that Fox was happy with his performance on the show but the producers wanted him to be something he wasn’t so he left. He told Howard how they wanted him to act and he says he just didn’t want to do it.

Kristin Holt Will Be ‘ 2’ Correspondent

November 4, 2002 – Former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and ‘American Idol’ contestant Kristin Holt has been added to the second season of the Fox reality hit show, where she’ll serve as a correspondent and eye candy. “She’ll do some behind-the-scenes stuff on the road,” explains Ryan Seacrest, who will likely be the sole emcee. “Kristin was a lot of fun – bubbly and energetic. People really took to her.”

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