Brian Littrell & AJ McLean Reassure Backstreet Fans

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Amy4BSB from the forum at attended Brian Littrell’s charity event ‘Golfing With Brian.’ She says that after Brian, Leighanne, Baylee, Mrs. Littrell, and others came out, Brian said, “Oh yea- I forgot to introduce y’all to someone… Boner, come on out!” And AJ appeared from behind the curtain! He looks GREAT!” A fan then read a letter to Brian and AJ about how the Backstreet Boys have changed her life for the better. It brought everyone their to tears, even Brian and AJ. The two joked around and made fun of Nick Carter’s singing on ‘I Want it That Way’ and Kevin Richardson’s eyebrows. A fan asked about the “situation” with Jive and Brian said, “Well I guess I’ll tackle that one. Well… we were going to record as a group but with Nick going solo, it put a damper on our plans. Jive had their agenda with Nick and Jive had their agenda with us and it didn’t work. The Backstreet Boys are all 5 of us… and when the time is right… we’ll come back. But hearing your comments about how we’ve touched you all… it makes me want to take a flight out of here right now and go start recording.” ” Read on for more.

I honestly don’t even know where to start! Wow! I JUST walked in the door from getting back from the airport. It’s been like a whirl-wind weekend!

I’m going to try to remember every single little detail… because the details are what make reports interesting to me! SO many funny things happened during the event… Brian and AJ are absolutely adorable together.

I knew before the event that AJ was going to be there because while we were in line, my mom and I were talking to two girls (Allie and Michelle! hi! lol) who saw him at the mall on Sunday… so were like OMG! The event started in a tent that was in front of this house (the inside of the house had lots of UK basketball pics… stuff like that… bathroom, kitchen, dining room) Anyway… I saw Mrs. Littrell peeking out of the door! She is SO adorable! So energetic and full of life!

So we got in line and registered… and while we were waiting Mrs. Littrell came through the line and gave everyone hugs! What a sweetheart! She was telling us how she was playing with Baylee yesterday. She thanked us for coming from Louisiana and gave us hugs.

We showed our IDs and invitations and we had the opportunity to buy raffle tickets… and then they gave us our table numbers. I was A1 and my mom was A2 so we were right up front with Jesi and her friends, and Giulia (i know i spelled that wrong, sorry!) and her friend… and 2 more people. The family table was right in front of us and I saw a little baby seat so I was like “Aww! Baylee is gonna be here!”

Brandon came in and talked for a bit… and I think Mrs. Littrell talked too. Then I saw Brian get out of his car with Baylee in his arms! And they introduced Brian and Leighanne and Baylee (Baylee is THE cutest baby… he looks just like Brian!)! Brian came up and talked for a while (don’t remember about what!) and then he said… “Oh yea- I forgot to introduce y’all to someone… Boner, come on out!” And AJ appeared from behind the curtain! LOL… I’m tellin’ y’all… the tent almost burst it was so loud!

AJ looks and acts SO healthy. I know a lot of people have been worried about him… so I want to reassure y’all that this is probably the happiest that I have ever seen him. He looks GREAT!

Then the question and answer began… I have to say that Jesi stole the show with her comments! She said what all of us wanted to say… she expressed it so well. Heck, she even made BRIAN cry!

Someone asked about “the situation” with the group and AJ and Brian kinda looked at each other and Brian said “Well I guess I’ll tackle that one. Well… we were going to record as a group but with Nick going solo, it put a damper on our plans. Jive had their agenda with Nick and Jive had their agenda with us and it didn’t work. The Backstreet Boys are all 5 of us… and when the time is right… we’ll come back. But hearing your comments about how we’ve touched you all… it makes me want to take a flight out of here right now and go start recording.” (I know this isn’t exactly word for word… but I think it’s pretty close to what he says) I dunno… y’all can take out of that what you want. To me, it was obvious what he wanted to say, but he was kind of holding back. I’ll leave my opinions to myself… and I’ll let everyone form their own opinions.

AJ also said that he’s been sober for 8-9 months because he had a relapse. He said that he’s doing great and that he’s so glad to be with Brian. He said that back in the day when he was drinking and doing drugs, he wouldn’t have been there and he would have let Brian down. He said that he loves Brian… his exact words were “I love this little dork!” (and he patted Brian’s head) And Brian goes “I’m older than you!” and AJ said “But you’re still smaller!” hehe.

I was gonna ask them to sing but thankfully another girl asked it (because it was the last question and I wasn’t chosen) They sang I’ll Never Break Your Heart— it was so great! AJ started off singing and apparently Brian thought it was off-key (sounded good to me! hehe) so Brian comes in and starts singing “You’re in the wrongggg keyyyy” It was so funny. So AJ was like “Can anyone give me a B-flat?” hehe! But they started over and it was AMAZING!

After the Q&A (I think), we ate breakfast. AJ and Brian and Leighanne and Mr. and Mrs. Littrell and Brian’s grandma and Baylee were all like RIGHT in front of us eating. Brian and AJ and Leighanne were laughing together and chatting the whole time… AJ talks so loud, it’s hard not to eavesdrop! lol. He said something about Nick I know… but mainly they were just chatting and having a good time. They had the Millennium CD playing and AJ and Brian were singing along acting all goofy… it was hilarious. When Nick goes “Don’t wanna hear you SAYYYYYY” Brian scrunched up his face and acted like he was belting it out. Also during Kevin’s part, they were mocking him and Brian got the breakfast plastic knives and put them up on his eyebows to make them look like kevin’s! I took a pic and Leighanne saw after I had taken it and she acted like she was gonna stuff the bacon in her mouth and she flared her nostrils… hehe. She’s so funny. We also got to hear one of Brian’s demos! The main chorus was… “Then I saw your face….” really good song! AJ even knew the words! I guess he had listened to it several times through already.

After that, Brian and AJ went around the room to take pictures with everyone. Brian came to our table first. I gave him a hug (he gives the best hugs!) and took pictures. I was gonna ask him to autograph stuff but he seemed very rushed. I showed him the UK hat that I got Baylee and he goes “Aww thank you! Can you hold on to it for a bit?”

AJ finally got around to us at the end… it was so funny. My mom and I were looking at Baylee in the front, and we didn’t realize AJ was at our table… so my mom turns her head around and AJ’s face is like RIGHT there… and she goes “Ah!” Haha… he scared her. So he laughed and he was like “I just slipped right in there… poked my head in” My mom was like shaking because it made her jump! lol. She was caught totally off guard… priceless expression on AJ’s face. Probably one of my favorite moments of the day….

After that, I think I went up and asked Mr. Littrell for a picture. He is SO sweet. Jesi was telling me that he seemed kinda shy when she met him before, but he is SO funny! He was making jokes all day! He asked me where I was from and I said Louisiana and he goes “Oh… you don’t sound like you’re from Louisiana!” and he laughed… and were said “Yeah well we’re from the north part… we’re not Cajuns!”

After that I had to go to the bathroom… I’m sure you’re like “Why is she sharing this?” hehe… but this was one of the most exciting times of the day because as we were rounding the corner to go to the bathroom inside the house, AJ opened the door and walked out of the bathroom! LOL… we were laughing cause it shocked us so much. He said “I didn’t leave it too messy for you!” and laughed and he walked into the dining room and was looking at UK pictures with Todd (I think) Then Brian’s grandma got in the line and we were all like “After you! After you! After all, you’re his grandmother!” and she laughed and said “No- you first!” After I came out, I talked to her for a while. I asked her who’s side of the family she was on and she said she is Harold’s stepmom. I asked her about Brian and church and she said that he sang solos all the time… since he was “this tall” and she held her hand up to show how little he was. She said that she always cried and she still does when she hears him sing. (Can I get an “awwwwwwww” please? lol) She said that Brian and his mom and his dad and brother used to all sing together sometimes. She said that they are all VERY musical! She asked me where I was from and I told her and I said that I love Lexington and that it’s so pretty and we went to the horse park and she goes “Well I’ve never even been there and I live here!” hehe. Anyway… I really enjoyed talking with her because she’s really sweet. She held Baylee for most of the morning.

After that, we went back out and they had the auction. Brian got AJ to auction the shirt off of his own back! When AJ was taking it off, Baylee started crying and AJ was like “Ahhh I’m scaring your son Brian!” hehe. And Leighanne was like, “AJ, put your clothes back on!” Brian kept on trying to give people items for less money… like he was going down in price and he goes “The goal of this is to just have fun!” and AJ was like, “No Brian, the goal of this is to RAISE MONEY!!!” lol. Brian was like “Yeah it’s all about the money for you AJ… all about the benjamins”

The auction lasted for a while and some people bid TONS of money… like TONS! I wish I had that much to spend for an item, but I don’t. But congratulations to the people that won!

After that, we went outside and Brian and AJ demonstrated their excellent golf skills *cough, cough* hehe. What can I say… they aren’t the best golfers, but they do try hard! The volunteers told us to move because AJ and Brian and his dad were putting it, hitting it (whatever you call it) in our direction and they didn’t want us to get hurt! haha! AJ had his feet around the hole and he was like “Come on Brian, bank it off my foot!” Brian and his dad were joking around like “COME ON SON!!!” and Mr. Littrell was acting like he was Brian’s coach and saying “REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU!” It was so cute. They had little kids from the HHC come out and golf. It was so adorable seeing Brian interact with them. Brian gave out a few autographed golf balls! I got one!!! :-D I also picked up a broken tee from the golf course for a “souvenior” but I think it fell out of my pocket later when we were walking… haha. Oh well.

Then they gave out door prizes… They said that last night they were joking around drawing the numbers and they dumped them on the floor and Baylee would grab one… so Baylee picked the winners. Brian looked at his card and then he came to our table and was hovering over looking at our numbers… I was like “What is he doing?” But then he said A6 and Jesi jumped up! It was so cute… she got the UK gift basket but she ended up giving me most of the food from it for “souveniors” hehe.

Ok my hands are tired… part 2 coming later (teasers from part 2… chillin’ at the bar with AJ… being Leighanne’s buzzing bees…. and getting the dirt on Carson Daly… I know y’all can’t wait! lol)

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