Brian Littrell Gives Timetable For Solo & Backstreet Albums

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Brian Littrell, accompanied by wife Leighanne and son Bailey, called into Atlanta’s Q100 radio station this morning and talked about marriage, fatherhood, and what he’s got planned this year regarding music. Brian told the DJ’s that he’ll probably premiere his first single off of his solo album at the upcoming Hero Awards, and he hopes the album will come out by the end of the year. He said the have not broken up but are working on solo stuff right now. They’re still fighting with Jive and trying to leave the label but Brian said he couldn’t go into detail about that. Brian expect’s a new BSB album and tour to occur within the next year. He then went on to praise the Backstreet Boys, saying that they’re not a boyband and they’ve been together for over 10 years now, something most groups haven’t done and won’t be able to do. Q100 will add the audio of this interview to it’s website tomorrow. Read on for an in-depth summary of everything Brian said.

(summary, typed up by Sweetone at LD)

“I listen to q100 from Atlanta here at work via stream audio. Guess who called in to the station??? Yep! Bri & Leigh!!! One of the djs is getting married and the other djs were telling listeners to call in with marriage advice. I was half paying attention then I heard this REALLY familiar voice and thought wow that guys sounds just like Brian. That of course made me lean in and pay attention! LOL They were on for about 10 mins. The advice Brian gave was to look at your bride right in the eyes and just focus on her and nothing else. And about marriage in general he said to just jump in head first and enjoy it. He said that because there are different levels of a relationship – first she’s your girlfriend then she’s your fiancee which makes you feel grown up and that he really loved having someone to call “fiancee”, then she’s your wife – Bri’s still getting used to saying that. LOL And he said to learn to say “yes dear” A LOT! Leigh said that’s right! LOL A dj asked Leigh how long it took to “train” Brian, she said about 2 years – but that’s why she got him young!

There was a lot of joking around and laughing which was GREAT!! They were asked about how they handled a long distance relationship and Leigh said that it takes patience and a lot of phone calls! They saw each other about 8 months out of the first 2 years. That the majority of their dates were on the phone. Brian said to make sure you call when you say you will and said that it’s like a real date, you should be on time and everything. Leigh said you just have to work hard and make the relationship work and thinks that because of the way they “dated” that it gave them a special bond, then said we have a bond that everybody wants and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Bri said you have to really love the family you are going into.

You could hear Baylee in the background so they started talking about him. One of the dj’s has an 8 month old boy so they were comparing them. The 8 month old is really little cuz he was 2 months premature and that he’s so much smaller than other kids his age. Leigh said ours is a Holston (?)!! Baylee is 16.6 pounds now!! She said that they’re starting to run out of clothes. She also mentioned that he
is teething.

They talked about the Hero Awards and what that is about and that Brian will be singing a song that will probably be the first single on his gospel album. Then they talked about BSB and Brian said they are still a group but just doing things for themselves right now and that he hopes to record another BSB album within the next year. He hopes his solo cd will be out by the end of the year or early next year. One of the dj’s said well you’re loaded you don’t need the money and Leigh said that they have bills to pay so Bri better get back on tour. LOL They asked which label he was doing the new album under and he said he’s still under Jive but that he wants to get out and that BSB is still fighting with them but that he couldn’t talk about. One of the dj’s said oh you’re not doing it under your own production company? Then they were joking how he wanted to get out of his own production company. : )

Brian says that BSB have been together 10 years this past April and how many boybands have done that? He said when he goes into a store in town and a mother says I have your Greatest Hits cd and I love it! He said he loves when he hears things like that because that’s what he wanted to do – make music that touches people. Then they talked about being labeled a boyband and Bri said he really doesn’t like to be called that. They’re grown men now. They were a boyband when they first started out but not anymore. Then Baylee made a sound like “bad” so they started joking that his first words were “bad rap”. LOL”

(the audio of this will be placed on the Q100 website tomorrow)

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