Brian McFadden Denies Smoking During Flight

Brian McFadden has denied smoking on a flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. Initial reports said the former Westlife singer was arrested after being abusive to flight attendants who had asked him not to smoke. McFadden responded to the allegations on Twitter (@BrianMcFadden):

Wasn’t arrested! Didn’t smoke on the flight. And the Virgin staff were very nice. I did have a few drinks but I was not smashed and abusive

That’s all folks

If reports were true then I would have been arrested, fined and worst! Banned from my favorite airline V Australia. Storm in a tea cup

The only crime Kyle and I committed yesterday was wearing matching tracksuits. The fashion police arrested us. Looked like Kath and Kim

Watch an animated report on the news from NMA World Edition below.

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  1. nicole says:

    aLo BrIaN HoW aRE U noW..
    u kNOw..

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