Brian McFadden Dreams About Returning To Westlife

Brian McFadden checked in with his Twitter followers (@brianmcfadden) on Tuesday (November 23), musing about a return to Westlife. Shane Filan told The Sun “I don’t think it’s even remotely interesting if Brian came back” and that they aren’t interested in Brian returning to the veteran Irish boy band, which he quit in 2004. Brian writes:

I had a dream tonight I was back on stage with Westlife playing some crazy sized football stadium. I’m not gonna lie! I woke up smiling

If I’m to be honest yes I would love to do an album with boys and show JLS and Take That what we are really made of!

If the boys wanna challenge these newcomers I am always up for a fight. They know where. I am. Armed and ready to reclaim glory!

The reason I’m feeling like this is I watch my boys release an incredible emotive song and video and it play third fiddle to average

When will folk them the credit they deserve. They are not ‘X Factor’ band. They hard working creative machine who sacrificed a lot to get here

They will always be my brothers. No matter what happens I will support them until the day they hang up the mics.

For the record I’m not reuniting with Westlife! Not at all! Just having an angry rant for the boys

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8 thoughts on “Brian McFadden Dreams About Returning To Westlife

  1. hamsa reda says:

    dear Brian McFadden,
    hi how are you?
    I missed you so much you have a lot of fans in Egypt even I live in Egypt I was so happy you were coming to my country it was on September but in which year I don’t remember I remember the month only
    love Hamsa Reda

  2. hamsa reda says:

    I forgot to tell you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    love Hamsa Reda

  3. timilehin says:

    I will be so happy if Brian McFadden returned to Westlife, I will love that.

  4. mona says:

    Now that Westlife will gonna have their concert as part of their world tour here in Manila.. am so sad that i will not have a chance to at least have a glance to Bryan. I just hope someday they’ll be all back together to perform in stage. I miss Bryan so much.:(

  5. Faith says:

    Westlife with the best inspirational songs are not suppose to be furious for a very long time.You can never complele until you are completed.

  6. wesley cracknell says:

    Don’t return.

  7. Blessed says:

    Pliz return…

  8. edward inefable says:

    i would love bryan to see performing with the boys again.

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