Brian McFadden Films ‘Twisted’ Video

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@brianmcfadden) on Thursday (June 19). The former Westlife singer writes, “So over the last few days we’ve shot my new video for ‘Twisted’ with director Daniel Reisinger and without wrecking it for you – I’m a clown; I get arrested amongst other things. On the set the handcuffs got stuck on my wrist so much that it nearly broke! I also managed to fall into a police car window and smash it.. Anyway loved every second of it and think it’s going to be a complimentary video to ‘Twisted’.. Thanks to everyone who came down to be extras – it’s not as exciting as fast paced as I’m sure you might of expected but appreciate those guys and gals who sat around and waited patiently for their time!”

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