Brian McFadden Split Row With Kerry

The success of Brian McFadden’s chart-topping single ‘Real To Me’ and the required promotion helped sink the former star’s marriage to Kerry, The Sun reports. “I can’t be there all the time. I have to work hard,” Brian reportedly told his wife. A friend of the couple revealed, “Kerry understands he has to work hard but she reached the end of her tether. She’s had emotional phone conversations with Brian and he’s been telling her she can’t blame him. He has to work.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Brian McFadden Split Row With Kerry

  1. KATIE says:

    I feel sorry for Kerry such a beautiful girl she has let her self go since she split with Brian, she deserves a lot better than Mark Croft. He cheats on her and she still takes him back I think she is afraid to be on her own. She could get a lot better than Mark. Kerry I hope the best for you good luck

  2. tanya says:

    All the best Kerry, poor girl has had her fare share over wankers! hope she finds someone to look after her and her children and treats her right! she deserves it! Getting there with Pete Andrey he would look after her!!! xxxx

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