Brian McFadden Tells Kerry Katona Via Twitter: You Are Dead To Me!

Brian McFadden 'Wall of Soundz'

is firing back at his ex-wife Kerry Katona on his Twitter account (@BrianMcnugget), after she claimed in an interview with News of the World that the former Westlife singer “phones the girls about five times a year – but [our daughter] Lilly doesn’t really know who he is.” Brian said in Tweets that have mostly since been deleted:

A certain pig face mole has suggested my own daughter Lilly doesn’t know me and that I never speak to my kids..

FACT.. I call my girls at least twice a week, and have a beautiful relationship with my daughters…. and call me fat!

Take bowl of mayonnaise drenched chips out of your face and look in the mirror!

Wish certain fu**s would stop selling there stories to rags and find a real job. Not one that means you shove kids face in front of a camera

This happened the last time my career started to go well. Certain person did her absolute best to destroy me and drag me down. Not this time

Kerry Katona ….. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME!

Sorry about the rant guys.

I’ve kept my silence too long and I cant keep it anymore…. it’s killing me and my beautiful fiance and mum and dad and my friends. ENOUGH!

@PerezHilton I’ve tried twice Perez… and twice the British courts went against me… go figure!

Sorry for bringing my personal anger to twitter…. let’s have some fun

@Lisa_Veronica Thanks babe….. makes me feel sick.

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62 thoughts on “Brian McFadden Tells Kerry Katona Via Twitter: You Are Dead To Me!

  1. glenn says:

    they are all self loving nothings who think they are something give them a swimming pool full of cocaine and throw them in the deep end

  2. SKD says:

    Everyone knows Kerry has been manipulated and needed help, it has been obvious that it was in a lot of people’s interest to kick her while she was down, especially with her being bi-polar. You say you are a good father and that you couldn’t keep quiet any longer, but maybe you should! Does Lily or any child need to be disrespected by their father calling their mother names surely the authorities would have taken the children in care if they were at risk, some would say that as Kerry is now starting afresh after getting rid of everyone that has played with her head and manipulated her, that it is the other way round that instead of her bringing you down (if you are talented something an ex states is not going to make any difference to you being successful) but you saying what you have in the way you said it shows immaturity and a lack of respect for your children and the mother of your children, Lily doesn’t need it, you’re just showing her that she was born to parents where one didn’t care enough to make matters right instead making it worse, and lets face it if Kerry was a bad mother where were you?

  3. elaine fraser says:

    i have every sympathy with Brian but he must be very careful not to stoop to Kerry’s level with this rant on twitter. his children seem to have enough to contend with without him airing his greivences in public. I admired him for keeping things from becoming a slanging match and think the children would love him all the more for it and lets face it, they will probably be old enough soon to make up their own minds which parent they wish to live with. keep your dignity brian, you have my support and sympathy. xx

  4. LB says:

    What a hypocrite Brian McFadden is. He disgusts me. He abandoned his kids to serve himself and his own wants. He has no right to call Kerry Katona names, at least she stuck with her kids. And some of his Twitter remarks are ridiculous, the rantings of a crude and spiteful schoolboy. Kerry is now slim and is trying to sort out her life. At least she has the courage to admit her failings. McFadden is a a coward of a man and a has been of a singer.

  5. Kellie says:

    Brian untalented McFadden Makes me laugh he’s on the other side of the world making comments about the mother of his children, that mother who he is slagging of, the mother despite all of her problems is with her kids WHERE IS HE??? if he cares so much about his Children why is he on the other side of the world? instead of putting his so called “beautiful” fiance first why doesn’t he come home and look after his Kids disgusting man. IF Kerry was such a bad Mother why would he not want to be near his children to keep a close eye on them pathetic!!!

  6. Dee says:

    Yeah very mature Bryan – Oh wait silly me you changed your name as you wanted to be taken seriously with the solo singing – How is that going BTW? Not heard anything in the shape of a song from you in a long time. To tweet saying the mother of your 2 little girls is ‘dead to you’ not very clever is it. Kerry may have her faults but she’s been around for her children how many homeworks have you sat down to oversee – parent interviews how often have you attended? could count them on your one hand with fingers left over. Last I heard you were too skint to come back to Britain if that’s the case maybe Kerry’s account of the contact with your children is accurate – what’s the cost of phone calls from Oz to Britain? I do believe there’s a grain of truth in what Kerry has wrote I don’t see you as Father of the year material – I think you’re too wrapped up in the new life in Oz you may actually care what is going on with Molly and Lily but you’re in no position to do anything about it. Yeah blame the British Courts easy to use a scapegoat for your own short comings. McFadden you’re a father in name only – it’s high time you began to act like one!

  7. caroline otoole says:

    we love you Kerry your such a great mum at least your kids come first with you these men are full of nothing but s..t keep up the good work huni your in good hands lolxxxxxxxx

  8. JED0309 says:


  9. Nick tweet says:

    Beep times lil beep times, everyone dancing honking a horn, beep times tiny beep times, every just gotta honk that honk, come on everybody honk honk!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ac says:

    I hear you Brian, but now matter how hard it gets, you don’t want your children growing up thinking that you hate their mother.

    Remember, they live mostly with her, so it is best to just keep the peace and appreciate that she is raising them mostly.

    I know its not fair of her to tarnish your name and your career, but someone has to be the bigger parent, if only for the sake of the children.

    In time she will see that you are above all her ranting and slide remarks which only makes her look silly; and let’s not mention her mental state…

    But, be supportive in anyway you can, as to be honest, this is all down to her not getting over you leaving her, so have so remorse and try and be friends…you were lovers once upon a time. Just because you have moved on doesn’t mean you must be cold to the mother of your children, trust me they will respect you more if you can show them you still care…….:)

  11. Kim says:

    At the end of the day yes she has made mistakes but she has kept her kids and he didn’t bother to fight for them so she can’t be that bad a mother in his eyes. The kids look happy, clean and well fed so why is he putting their mother of his kids down so much he doesn’t want custody or he would of fought for them long ago.. Say’s it all really!!!
    All I can say now is leave he alone Bryan you kids will read these comments you write one day!

  12. thermo9 says:

    Go Brian you tell it how it is. Just because she’s cheesed off your doing well and she’s ain’t, it must be eating her up inside. You know she’s skint and will say anything to make money even if it does happen to hurt the fathers of them children. Don’t stoop to her level be stronger than that, she wasted financially and emotionally and would love you to be in the same boat. You don’t need to prove to anyone about contact with your kids they’ll tell all when there old enough.

  13. stickmansam says:

    all this from a man that phones his kids twice a week any normal dad sees there children every week wow you can pick the phone up what an amazing parent. why don’t you man up and admit your own failings rather than attacking your ex be the better person for gods sake, she’s right to rip into you for only calling your children, stop living off your fiance in oz get back the UK and be their father you moron.

  14. Harry says:

    True Brian, she is a mayonnaise drenched chip eating pig, an absolute twerp the lowers the human race ” England ” broken England the queen of the scum of this divided country.

  15. Lady G says:

    Has he actually got a career? lol

    If he’s got time to sit and rant on twitter like a spoiled brat, then in my view he’s got time to spend with his daughters IN person (if you truly love your children you will find a way to afford to come over from OZ Brian). Idiot!

  16. cyrus says:

    Enough respect to Brian everyone hating on a man ,yes he got with next women but how come you are all saying bout him what bout her being a women having the kids and taking drugs having them in front camera at any given moment.yes as a father he should be responsible but hes done the right thing and got out of it all.and lets not 4get you can’t really have any faith in the social services in UK and because she has that celeb status she can do what she likes and its fine look at Pete how many times he get caught with drugs any normal person would get locked up there and then no bail so lets not let these stories twist your mind and to be fair how much of it is true ask yourselves ….

  17. roxi says:

    what a sad excuse of a human why does she have kids? surely they should have been taken off her disgusting coke headed tramp I feel sorry for Brian but he should really fight again and again to get the kids with him and get them away from that thing I look forward to the day she goes to hell

  18. liam devine says:

    aw fu**sake, you’ve got to laugh at people who say Kerry Katona is a great mum. she took crack cocaine while her children where sitting on the other side of the door!!!
    and for her to say that about Brian Mcfadden is just a total joke, why should he not finally tell the world what he thinks of her if she makes up lies like that? god only knows why she’s still got custody of those kids

  19. Gemini says:

    It’s good to see Brian has taken the high road through Kerry’s destructive phase. I believe Brian when he says he has more contact with his girls than Kerry makes out. It appears when Brian is happy she has to get the broomstick out & stir the pot. Brian, as with Peter Andre, you have to give her just enough rope to hang herself, & believe me karma is a wonderful thing, believe me what goes around comes around & it will & when it does she won’t know what has hit her, she will get her comeuppance big time. She moaned that she had it tough with Mark…well sorry it was her own doing. I could never understand her putting the kids in front of the camera they are far too young to have that thrust upon them. Keep the faith Brian & eventually the girls will be yours, be it via a court order or of their own choosing. I cannot understand why the courts have refused you custody, those girls need a steady influence in their lives now & I think that would be obvious to any sane person that that person would be you. I wish you all the best, just remember take the high road & karma will do the rest for you.

  20. sheila says:

    I was in similar position as Kerry. the woman is left with the kids while he sits in his ivory tower judging her while he has no responsibility and have a nice time with his girlfriend. If he was so concern about her drug habit etc he would be on the next plane and fighting for them. But that would be too much like hard work and spoil his cozy life. She’ll get through it. All she wanted was a bit of love and got an even bigger w…er as she was vulnerable. went to Women’s aid myself and understand that using men will only go with vulnerable women whom they can groom and then go on to abuse them. Brian is so self important… who is he again??
    Don’t agree with her selling stories to newspapers etc but she in that trap at the moment. Hopefully she’ll find the strengthen to learn from this. Better to have a life than a lifestyle!!

  21. rit says:

    he is the fat one from Westlife he is aslo the ugly one and a rubbish father who should keep his fat mouth shut.

  22. Klee says:

    How has she tarnished his name anyway..he is in Oz and when I think about Kerry and her problems of which she has had many, I don’t even think of him. To read what he has said about the mother of his children being ad him is not only harsh but extremely cruel. She is finally sorting her life out and getting on with making amends and ditching everyone and very involved in her past. I have huge respect for that, we have all made stupid mistakes and no one can say they haven’t but if them children are in any trouble or danger they would have been taken away which obviously proves she is a good mother at least. Good luck to Kerry with her future it’s quite inspirational for someone to have finally woken up and start getting on with her life clean!!!!

  23. Stuart from Oz says:

    Have absolute respect for Brian..having almost exactly the same situation including the unfortunate Bipolar situation, it is not easy when the British Courts take the mother side of the argument. Love my kids and it causes immense pain when I’m not even allowed to see mine let alone speak to them on the phone. Would however never say she is dead to must have loved her very much once and you will always have a bond with her through the kids. Ive been told by my solicitor so called fighting for my kids is pointless and would only cost money..being a father when your kids are removed overseas without your consent is not easy…

  24. Scarlett says:

    Brian who???? What is this successful career he now has? He left Westlife cause he thought he was better than them, well the fact that he disappeared off the radar as soon as he left the group speaks volumes!! If I remember correctly he was the unfaithful marriage wrecker. Go away Brian, Kerry is far from perfect but you are a vile hypocrite absent father, (your choice) I’m sure your parents are very proud!!!

  25. Janice says:

    Mr McFadden, you telephone your children, oh wow, give himself a medal! You were married to the person, if you were any sort of person or father and you were in any doubt as to the welfare of your daughters you should have contacted a family solicitor or lawyer irrespective of the country you live. As the saying goes out of sight out of mind.

  26. Netty440 says:

    What kind of a father are you ? One that abandons his kids then tries to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and play the very hard done to…you are a JOKE Mr McFadden..Whatever Kerry has done,she has always looked after her kids. At least she has owned up to everything she has done and takes it on the chin,dust herself down , and picks herself up again. I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of celebrities out there that have done the same,,even you. It takes a real person to stand up to it, and not have it all covered up and hidden away.
    I’m not surprised your kids don’t know you,,,,how much further could you run away from them? Karma Bryan,,,Karma.
    One day those girls will be old enough to spit in your face for what you have done to them,,and then you can go to the press and cry about how your own daughters treat you,,maybe you will have better luck then at playing the poor poor good guy that abandoned them to the other side of the world for a bit of skirt. DISGRACE !!!!!!!!!

  27. chrissie says:

    Oh dear so Brian picks up the phone and deigns to speak to his children……………. well that takes some effort really. Then again if I remember correctly it was him who dumped Kerry by phone, text message wasn’t it Brian? That really marks you out as as a ‘man with dignity’ NOT! And as for your ‘lovely girlfriend’ who is she exactly? Oh yes Delta Goodrem, she went out with a tennis player once didn’t she while she was recovering from cancer…….. swore eternal and undying love for said tennis player then dumped him for you…… what are you doing these days besides moving out of your ‘luxury apartment’ to save the pennies………not much of a dad really are you Brian, no wonder the rest of the band say ‘Brian, now who would that be ‘. Yes Kerry has had her problems and yes we have all watched her fall from grace, BUT she admits what she has done, picks herself up again and tries again, she is HUMAN not a robot……… for you dear Brian, well calling you a louse is an insult to a louse really. Stop whining and whinging and start to grow up.

  28. velvet says:

    what a joke you are all going on about Brian at least hes paying for his kids and in there life not like 90% of me in our country,plus you forgot about the last man she shacked up with some how I don’t think he will be providing for his kids, isn’t it a sad world when people come on here and comment on people who they don’t even know,

  29. mel says:

    I really enjoyed reading all the comments left in relation to Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden. I don’t really understand though,why people feel they have a right to judge. have all these people led exemplary lives? Have none of them made mistakes?Let he who is without sin may cast the first stone!I believe that quote is from the Bible. I don’t actually read the Bible but I have heard that quote before and I try to live by it.I think a lot of the people who feel they are qualified to judge Kerry and Brian should also try to not be so judgmental.

  30. martin says:

    Sounds to me like there is a very poor moderator overseeing these comments…
    There is no way on this earth that every comment is anti Brian McFadden…
    That fat no nowt Kerry fill your face with frozen food what ever her name is just a typical female using her kids as a lever to keep Brian on the hook….Yes..all you anti McFadden girlie supporters…You know exactly what I mean ££££££s…She’s broke!!!

  31. charley says:

    Why oh why does any give a toss about a low life like Kerry Katona? Like Jordan she is a talent less nobody they both go out of their way to create situations they can exploit and will do anything for money and to get media coverage.

    The press would do well to just let Price and Katona fade into obscurity where they belong.

  32. SBL says:

    Oh how quick you all are in attacking Brian for saying what he has said. As he said he has kept quiet all this time. Brian lives most of his time on the other side of the world, Ms Katona wont allow his daughters to visit him over there. Though have any of you forgotten or noticed how Kerry & her estranged husband made sure that Brian he was not allowed to see his daughters at times and when he went to court to try and get custody of his daughters, when Kerry was unfit to be a caring mother, it was refused because Kerry has promised to clean up her act even though she did not, leaving the upbringing of their daughters and her children with Mark to the Nanny? Kerry’s eldest daughter made sure her mother was okay, is that right? Kerry may be cleaning up her act now but she should leave Brian & his family well alone and think of what harm she has done to herself, family and friends. Kerry should learn to realize that she has only herself to blame and not the people around her for her own predicaments.

  33. jus says:


  34. jus says:


  35. Carrie says:

    Utter joke. Mate…if you were really worried about your kids you would make damn sure they were no longer left with Kerry. Seems all a bit easy to call her this and that…but at the end of the day, you clearly think she’s fit to bring up your own flesh and blood. Actually laughed at the bit where it says “I call them at least twice a week”…FATHER OF THE YEAR! I would NEVER leave my children…if Delta really loved you, then she should also love your children…move to the UK and win custody. Seems like you just can’t be arsed. Also seems like Kerry has hit a nerve…ever think you overreacted because what she said was possibly true?

  36. Allan S says:

    I can’t believe some of the anti Brian comments,he had a good career and has been more successful than most of you Katona supporters will ever be or ever hope to be,stop being immature and grow up. Katona has had numerous chances and once she took drugs she should have been stripped of the kids and they should have been given to the more responsible parent,ie Brian,whatever you say about him he never took drugs,he may have gone to the other side of the world..good for him,if you love a woman you would go anywhere with her and besides nowhere is far enough from coke head Katona,she had her affairs too.. How the judge gave her custody is beyond explanation,she is the epitome of broken Britain,a very poor excuse for a mother,she keeps coming back into the public,this time because she lost weight,well she is a druggie and it takes a lot to shake off an image like that,her kids will be tarnished,they are old to understand what mum has done,what a pathetic role model she is,at least Brian leads a decent life and has not frittered his money away on excesses,you Katona supporters,I’m guessing women,should take a long hard look at yourselves,if you condone what she has done then you are not much better,and I’m guessing that all of you are successes in your life and have been with a successful band and made a few million…guess not,just jealous feminists attacking the father that just wants the best for his kids…forget the mother who snorts most her cash up her nose this is all about women sticking up for women no matter what she’s done,you lot are not much better than her! Justice will be done one day Brian and this poor excuse for a human being will disappear into the gutter where she belongs..

  37. Hannah says:

    I am absolutely disgusted that Brian McFadden has decided that it is a good decision to disrespect the mother of his children on the world wide web. Kerry Katona has various well documented problems for which she needs help. Brian has all but disappeared from his kids lives by moving to Australia with Delta Goodrem and is an absentee father who needs to realize that his despicable behaviour towards Kerry needs to stop. She’s doing the best she can with no support from her children’s father. He is a disgusting human being who like a lot of other absent fathers (and could he get any further away than Aus), needs to keep his mouth shut when he does nothing to help bring his kids up and thinks it’s a good idea to slag his ex-wife off from the other side of the world.

  38. Nikki says:

    What an absolute idiot!!! Kerry had every right to say about Bryan leaving her, how can he call her for being a bad mother when he moved to the other end of the world after ‘falling in love’ with someone who he had sang a song with. He left Kerry with the kids, a bipolar disorder to contend with and the thought that her beloved husband had cheated on her. Definitely not an excuse for drugs but no wonder she went on her downward spiral!!

  39. Matt C says:

    I think its sad when you see a lot of sad women on here sticking up for that fat lazy bint that is Kerry Katona. She admitted to snorting coke while the kids were next door, she took a thug like Mark into her life and wondered why he treated her like sh** time after time after time. Word to the wise ladies, Thug-like men are abusive, hostile and dangerous, that’s why your attracted to them and they know you love it so will NEVER change.

    Back to Brian, he is a nice enough bloke who put up with a lot until he left, it happens I’m afraid ladies, no matter whether there are kids involved. A man, and a woman, have to be happy in their life, so he has every right to leave her to wallow in her own mess.

    A final parting note, just because we don’t hear of Brian’s career over here, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. He’s in Aus for Christ sake! Its not like we keep track of everything happening over there!

  40. Gemini says:

    Just for those of you that DID NOT watch the reality show about Kerry & Mark…you missed the point that SHE DOES NOT look after her kids THE NANNY DOES. On many occasions I saw Kerry locked in her bedroom for days due to whatever excuse she decided to use that day & the kids probably saw more of the nanny than of their so called “mother”.

  41. Buzz says:

    All kids ever want is their parent’s time, it’s not a lot to ask for really – so it’s lucky in this case that the judge saw fit to assign them to the parent who’s only aim in life is to coke herself into extinction (maybe she’ll get lucky!?!). . . . at least their school essays must make great reading, if the stories that she comes up with are anything to go by.
    . . . .and to me bi-polar is like sex addiction . . . invented to excuse people who can’t be bothered to think of anyone else.
    So keep up your HELLO subscriptions, because if Kezza needs to actually work she’s never gonna powder herself into space!!!

  42. karen says:

    what a pig, kick someone when they are down, he is the one that is dead to most people, who hears about him apart from when he has nasty things to say to Kerry. I feel sorry for her she has had a lot on her young plate. I know how hard it is when someone you love walks out on you he did her wrong, hes just playing up because everyone knows Kerry, who is he a nobody rubbish get a life man and stop throwing your teddy out of your pram.grow up you fool.

  43. karen says:

    if you look on here most of the men stick up for that git Bryan I bet they like him has left a poor woman to bring up the kids, she is ill she needs help not slagging off, he walked out on her not the other way round, she is messed up she was fine when he was around in a pop group with a good life yes she took drugs but who has not had a drink or smoked what do you think they are sweets. it helps you forget so I am told I know I would never take drugs but when my husband walked out on me after 22 years with out me understanding why I had a drink at night to help me sleep I’ve been on my own now for 7 months and finding it very hard how the hell do you think she feels no one has been right for her she needs a good man and a friend not someone just after her money poor girl xxx

  44. babsX says:

    What a small insect you are ,Bryan.At least Kerry is with her kids and didn’t abandon them to move to the other side of the world.You broke that woman when you deserted her but now she is getting well you deem it fit to try and knock her down again.Do you get some king of perverse pleasure out of it.Kerry has no need of you anymore.Even Westlife got on better without you.

  45. mysence mylaw says:

    well in my eyes its all Brian’s fault you should have kept your pants on and told Kerry you didn’t want to marry her,she was in love with you but took her life away from her and she had to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope that’s your fault for going behind her back before you even got married you could have stopped the marriage but you didn’t,,so I think you shouldn’t slag Kerry of until you look at yourself and take some responsibility of Kerry messing up her life….and I hope Kerry stays of the crap now or someone take the kids of her if she goes back on it again……JUST GET A GRIP….we all have to sometimes with or without bi-polar, there are people a lot worse of in this country and every were else.x

  46. Cat says:

    Well its a shame Brian thinks he can take the moral high ground after that stunt! To say he can’t afford to come to the UK is a bit sad – if his ‘beautiful’ successful girlfriend can lend him the fare then she isn’t very supportive of his relationship with his kids. It takes more than a phone call twice a week to build a bond and nothing can replace F2F contact. I don’t think Kerry is right to say what she did about him in an interview regardless of whether it is true or not – however Brian is just as bad – excuses shouldn’t be made on either side for such poor behavior.
    At the end of the day the children should be put first – the marriage maybe over but there will always be a connection due to the kids. Brian’s kids are part of another family also, they have 2 other siblings and now another father figure who has left (all be it I think its a good thing Mark has gone) now is the time for support. If Ketty has been such a poor mother and such a bad example3 why not be grown up and support her whilst she tries to change her life – is that not what you want – change? I do believe that Delta is in the US recording her new album – Brian is back in OZ – why not fly out to the UK and spend time building bridges with Kerry and kids rather than living the life of a care free kept man??? Brian says the courts went in Kerry’s favor – well they would if the father doesn’t have a proper relationship and lives on the other side of the world – no court would agree to that – to deliberately preventing a mother seeing her kids – Brian made the choice to leave the UK that’s not Kerry’s fault.
    Grow up and be a man Brian.

  47. Vicky says:

    They both need to get a grip….you can’t say he is disgusting by saying one little bad thing about her when he has get quiet for long enough what about all the things she has said about him? the kids are going to see all that?? But a phone call a few times a week from a worried father does not cut it.. if my children was living with a drugged up couple I would be on the first flight home and doing everything in my power to get them to safety with me…but he is choosing Delta over his kids he even says it its upsetting my fiance what about your kids you idot! Honestly id understand if you had a career but you never did your songs were rubbish and everyone knows it so stop blaming Kerry for your terrible solo career that is down to you!

  48. Vicki says:

    For Goodness sake people!!! What is going on!!! Internet social sites are not for sorting out our family issues! EVER!!! If you have something to say to someone, say it to them, not us!!! It’s the most immature thing ever!! If you want to set the record straight, release a statement, but don’t go putting it on twitter or facebook, I mean come on is that really what our society has come to??!! Next thing we know, people will start proposing via Facebook or twitter……oh how romantic! GRRRR moan over!

  49. Kaz says:

    Every man can be a takes someone special to be a Dad. Like many 10000s of kids in Britain today I too grew up without a father figure in my life from an early age. My father abandoned me also for another woman we had minimal contact which is probably more than other kids have..when he eventually did return to my life the gap formed was too big a gap to cross we had no rapport nothing in common he knew very little about me..I went off the rails my life was a mess I turned to drink/drugs but eventually cleaned up my act..Even to this very day I take rejection hard ..there’s aspects of Kerry Katona’s life I can relate to in so many ways & I totally understand where she’s coming from the men in her life has used and abused Kerry letting her down in the worst possible ways ..until someone has been in that position only then can they understand just how hard life can be. But to these ‘men’ they have no idea just how much emotional damage they can cause…Brian had an affair before their marriage then dumped Kerry during the marriage how many women out there have been in the same boat? How many have all wanted an act of revenge? Brian has made his bed hes now lying in it on the other side of the world so if Kerry hits out then she’s entitled too ..let him take whatever she dishes as Revenge is a dish best served cold …Brian’s well overdue his serving…But these kids will someday tell their stories those reading them will be shocked and horrified but the stories will be a double sided coin as not only will they spill the beans on Kerry they’ll also spill them about Brian too..The more Kerry says now the less we’ll be reading’s a watch this space when it comes to their Father when his kids turn on Brian he’s only got himself to blame..

  50. Prinz Acz says:

    If I were to choose which side will I be? that would be BRIAN MCFADDEN. we can’t blame him for leaving the kids to Kerry. like, he was about to get the kids, but Kerry didn’t allow him. I can say that Brian is a good father. he was my favorite member of Westlife. I can see that he really didn’t want to leave Westlife. but he just have to. so that he can show his love to his children. he wants to spend more time with his children. see? got the point? he left Westlife just for his kids. a proof that he’s a good father. and I will never ever say that KERRY KATONA is a GOOD MOTHER because she smokes even if her children is around.. or maybe she’s taking drugs in front of them. she can be a bad influence to the kids.. just wait until the kids are older, I think they would have to choose their father. and I think they will also accept DELTA GOODREM as a mother. oh, and by the way .. Brian did not dump Kerry for delta.. Kerry Katona is lying..

  51. princesz says:

    Brian Mcfadden is a good father. he left Westlife for the kids. it’s just natural that Brian will call names because of his anger. and we can’t blame him for leaving Kerry. I can see that it’s Kerry’s fault why Brian is leaving her & Delta Goodrem has nothing to do with it. it is not true that Brian left Kerry for delta. because Brian met delta when Kerry & Brian already separated. .. so don’t blame delta! and Brian should also get the kids already before the kids will be influenced by their fu***** mother. :] I’m on your side Brian :]

  52. nardiine says:

    Brian has every right to get angry at her she is the biggest B**ch/pig. Brian no offense what were you thinking getting married to her in the first place.
    and everyone out there who thinks Brian doesn’t talk or care about his kids your wrong, Kerry is taking care of them yer that’s true but she’s doing it the wrong way. she says all this bad sh** about their dad , I think Brian should get the kids here in Australia then everyone will have a better life. & the fat sl** can eat more food like the PIG she is.
    BRIAN should invite me to his wedding LOL! I’m the biggest fan I actually cry :[

  53. pipoy sue says:

    yea right
    hey people! wake up!
    it’s very clear that Brian is a good father and I think the kids should be with him!
    I’m just afraid about the kids.
    especially now that Kerry said that she can’t promise to give up drugs..
    he did it for Kerry and for the kids!

    and I won’t say that Brian is perfect! he also has mistake! it’s just … why did Brian married he’s so called “A certain pig face mole” Kerry Katona in the first place?

    but Brian, I am on your side ..

    fight another court fight to get your kids!
    Go Go GO! don’t give up!

    and please Brian, go back to Westlife.
    my friends, your fans .. and I miss you ..


  54. tart1000 says:

    It’s a shame Kerry and Brian can’t get along. They loved each other once which wasn’t that long ago. Their strained relationship will probably take its toll on their children.

  55. Clau McFadden says:

    GOOD JOB BRIAN!!! Kerry is so bad. ALL PEOPLE WHO GAVE BAD COMMENTS ABOUT BRIAN, WAKE UP! REMEMBER THAT BRIAN LEFT WESTLIFE BECUSE OF KERRY AND HIS DAUGHTERS. he loves his family so much! you know, Brian is a best father, he ever won the best daddy nomination in England! he made a song (sorry love daddy) just 4 his daughters. Molly & Lilly should live with Brian. Delta is also good step mother! better than Kerry.KERRY, U DESTROYED BRIAN’S LIVE SO KERRY KATONA YOU’RE DEAD WITH BRIAN NICHOLAS MCFADDEN!

  56. Ms Colvera says:

    I just knew this issue today. For me, both of you need to talk. Every family have a problem and maybe worst then you guys have. dies and a lot I think. Besides, in this world there is always a solution to every problem. So, why not spend a day together and talk. Ask face to face who’s fault is this and if one of you make mistake, seek for forgiveness. Forgive each other and both start your new life. Blaming each other wont make such a way out of this matter. You guys just make everything getting worst.That’s all. May God bless you guys.

  57. DorisWestreet says:

    yeah, I just knew it..Actually, I agree that both of them need to talk, maybe Delta should join in too. I won’t say Kerry is a good mother and Brian is a bad father or vice, because, they should think about their children , what is their feeling about their parents hates each other. Kerry shouldn’t take drug especially in front of the children but at least she is take care of the girls( except if she want to make the girls become money maker) Kerry shouldn’t put the girls in front the camera to talk about how their father threat them.. Brian, if he love his children, he should really fight harder. Protect them when their mom is taking drug..and Brian should help Kerry to escaped from drug ,not just to move on with his beautiful fiances and just call her girls a few time a week. If his girls ill? parents interview? Where are you, Brian. As parents, both of you should be responsible to how your kids live, give them a stable, happy life and surround with love, not haters.That’s what you should do now. Once a time, prince and princess fall in love, have little babies, but now hates each other and just to proof who is better,blame each other, not to think about the kids..don’t be selfish, care about their feelings, spend a little more time with them, listen to their heart. poor little girl, how could them face the world while the whole world know their family things..And Delta, be a good stepmother or you are not really love Brian, because Brian love you, and he can’t accompany his girls.let him around with his children, you will be a good mom, feel happy.. Good Luck to you all.

  58. DorisWestreet says:

    If you already can’t get along , put your kids on the first place.

  59. patience makungu says:

    Brian is doing what he does best!even if he’s on live performances he flirts with girls foolishly.why does he spare his fakin time for his angelic daughters for Kerry’s sake?how uncouth Brian is!

  60. LAXMI BENIWAL says:


  61. LAXMI BENIWAL says:

    i will never forget u, I will alwayz love you my honey bunch muahh… I want to meet you as soon as possible my love. Only yours laxmi beniwal

  62. LAXMI BENIWAL says:

    I really love you Brian

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