Brian McFayden: ‘I’m On TRL You Idiot!’

The New York Post reports MTV veejay Brian McFayden was spotted in line for a toilet at Bungalow 8, where he snapped at another relief-seeker who told the him, “You look so familiar.” McFayden replied: “I am on ‘TRL,’ you idiot!”

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2 thoughts on “Brian McFayden: ‘I’m On TRL You Idiot!’

  1. mellowyellow says:

    Nobody watches ‘TRL’ anymore. That show friggin’ sucks now that Carson doesn’t even host it anymore. I think that was really rude of Brian.

  2. jimmyp says:

    what’s the point to watch a show that doesn’t show a minute of the videos. Bunch of idiots run MTV

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