Brian Says Backstreet Boys Are Recording In May

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Joyce on the message board said she met and Leighanne at an airport in Atlanta recently. She asked what was up with the Backstreet Boys pushing the album back and Jive. He told her, “We just had a meeting and it did not come out the way we were waiting. There are still lots of stuff that we need to talk about. Like it’s been like one year that we didn’t [have] a meeting, but I hope to get into the studio soon. I am missing that.” He also said he can’t imagine people blaming him for the CD not coming out, saying, “That’s unfair. We are brothers and I just can’t imagine the five of us apart. We are definitely going to release the next album soon. I hope to get into studio ’til the end of May.” Leighanne added, “I just can’t stand him spending all night long with Baylee on his lap, writing songs. And Baylee seems to love it, but I cant sleep!” Read on for more.

March 29th 2003:
Hi all , Joyce was nice enough to send me the whole story … here it is – Hi Annie, I unfortunally did not take any pics..because..I was on a regular business trip to Atlanta it was by accident…and actually I am not a really BSB fan… My friend is crazy about them…so she recognized Brian…and we decided talk to him…Leighanne was on the airport waiting for him..she did not travel with him…I think he arrived from LA….I’m not sure! But when we went on his direction… he was talking to Leigh… and we were like ” hi we’re sorry…but OMG Brian Littrell ” He smiled and said ” himself!!” Leigh laughed…we too… and we talked for like 15 minutes… and the first thing of course was like ” Where is the little one??” Brian was like looking at Leigh and saying ” Yeah where is he??!” She said ” My sister is at home…she is taking care of him just for this moment while I came to airport get my other boy!” Brian laughed and kissed her….so sweet…Then I asked how was Baylee like…and he took his wallet at his pocket and showed us a little pic of Baylee on leighs lap and both of them smiling and said ” My little family” and Leigh just couldnt stop laughing…Then I said that they looked great…and that Brian was thiner since the last time we saw him…on that game… and Leigh was so in shap, for somebody that just had a baby… Leigh said ” The Littrell family got into a diet!!” and smiled…and then I asked about their projects and Brian was very straight ” We just had a meeting and it did not come out the way we were waiting..there are still lots of stuff that we need to talk about…Like its been like one year that we didn’t had a meeting…but I hope to get into the studio soon…I am missing that… But at the same time I think twice about leaving home…just let my son behind, I’m few days away from him it seems like forever, and like when I get on tour again… leave him for like…months…that will heart..and I just cant imagine lose the first time that he smile and the first time that he say dada…But those are things that I will might have to deal with…But me and Leigh we ve been talking a lot about it… and we made our schedule… we will defenily know how to deal with it!” and then I asked what he thought about people blaming him because the cd did not come out…and he said ” I just cant imagine people blaming me for that…I’m just a regular guy tryin his best to give all of himself for his family…a regular guy that loves go to the park every sunday with his kid and dogs just to watch the other kids…hoping one day see my Kid play with the other ones…a guy that like to go to the market… a guy that even wash the dishes! and when people blame for the reason of BSB break time..thats unfair…because…we 5 are like a puzzle…we fix together… we match…we are brothers..and I just cant imagine the five of us apart.. we are defenily going to release the next album soon… I hope to get into studio til the and of May… I already packed Just knock on my door and give me a ride! I love doing what I do…but I love my family more than my own life… But they are my family and they support me no matter what… and that’s what leigh has been showing me thats why I love her more and more…” Leigh kissed him…and said ” I just cant stand him spending all night long with baylee on his lap, writing song… and Baylee seems to love it…but I cant sleep!! ” and laghed…she was probably kiddin! and that was kinda like it…. well some people asked me what clothes were they wearin… leigh a jeans and a white top…and bri was with a jeans and a blue shirt… love Joyce
you enjoy the story – thanks to Joyce for sharing :)

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