Bridget Moynahan Critical Of Tiny Photo-Op Britney

Bridget Moynahan, who stars with Colin Farrell in ‘The Recruit’ was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Wednesday and she talked about ’ appearance at the premiere, which she termed a photo-op. She seemed a little peeved that Spears stole all the attention from a film she isn’t in, joked about how tiny she is, and said she walked in the theater and left before the movie even started. Read on for a transcript.

Conan: People really liked this film. It’s going to be — it’s going
to be a big movie. So huge premiere. I’m imagining crazy stars show up.

Bridget: Yeah, Colin Farrell ended up bringing Britney Spears.

Conan: What?

Bridget: And like —

Conan: He brought Britney Spears? Are they an item? Has he — is he
hanging out with her?

Bridget: I’ve read somewhere that they have been seen, what, locking

Conan: Canoodling.

Bridget: Canoodling.

Conan: Canoodling is what they say in the trade, yeah.

Bridget: So I guess —

Conan: I don’t know what that means.

Bridget: — They have canoodled. I’ve been known to canoodle. It’s part
of the comfort sex. Anyway —

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Canoodling’s like spooning sort of.

Bridget: Spooning in public.

Conan: Yeah. Oh, that’s disgusting.

[ Laughter ] So he brings Britney Spears.

Bridget: He comes out of the limo. He’s with Britney Spears. I don’t
know the relationship or what. And then she disappears. She doesn’t stay
for the movie. She just literally comes for the photo-op and like the whole
thing, and then leaves.

Conan: She jumps on like a pepe ladder off a helicopter and takes off.

[ Laughter ]

Bridget: Well, you know, it’s deceiving ’cause she’s actually very tiny
and slinky, and you could literally just pick her up and put her in your
pocket. So I imagine —

Conan: Which some people have been known to do, yeah.

[ Laughter ] You know what’s interesting is that we had her here a couple
of years ago, and I was amazed, too, that she’s small. A lot of these people,
like christina aguilera, Britney Spears, they’re tiny.

Bridget: Tiny.

Conan: She like stood on the palm of my hand during the interview.

[ Laughter ] It’s like —

[ In high-pitched voice ] “How you doin’, conan?” And I was like, “Britney,
how are you?”

[ Laughter ]

Bridget: I’m concerned that Colin’s still actually, you know, partying,
and she’s still in his pocket.

Conan: Right, right.

Bridget: He forgot about her completely.

Conan: She’ll take out his change at the end of the night.

Bridget: There’s Britney.

Conan: “Oh, Britney, how are you?”

[ In high-pitched voice ] “I’m okay. How are you?”

[ Laughter ]

Bridget: “Where’s Justin?”

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