Bridgit Mendler Discusses Debut Album And Hectic Schedule

Bridgit Mendler

visited Now 100.5 FM in Sacramento, where the Disney Channel star talked about making time to work on her album in between seasons of ‘Good Luck Charlie’, keeping awake with such a busy schedule, and party plans for the release of her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’.

“Actually I worked on music in between the second and third season,” Bridgit said about the production of her first LP. “We had a little bit of a hiatus last year between and November. I just wrote the entire album then. You have to crank it out. So then we shot season three, and it worked out nicely so I didn’t need to overlap those much. Then once you start doing a few shows and rehearsals and different visits to stations and stuff and the show is going on, it gets pretty hectic.”

Talking about how she stays awake with her busy schedule, Bridgit said, “They encourage not too much coffee because of the voice, so that’s unfortunate. I have to try to limit the caffeine. I don’t know. I just surround myself with energetic people.”

Questioned how she’d celebrate the release of her album, Mendler said, “That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out, because I don’t know where I’ll be when I come out with the album. If there’s some sort of album release in town, then of course friends and family will be there. If I’m travelling, we’re hoping to lure some people into coming to travel out.”

Watch the brief interview below.

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