Brie Larson Talks About Hilary, Lindsay And Lip-Synching?

Brie Larson 'She Said'

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The latest Actress turned singer, Brie Larson talks with about her new career with Casablanca Records and what makes her different than the other recent actresses including Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan that have turned into singers. Brie makes it pretty obvious, singers should sing.

Audio at has since been removed.

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13 thoughts on “Brie Larson Talks About Hilary, Lindsay And Lip-Synching?

  1. Mehrunisa says:

    I got a toothache listening to that DJ’s sugary fake voice. All those new “artists” say the same thing about lip synching and how they are real singers, until they need to do it themselves for some reason.

  2. ssl291 says:

    For her to say she has been working on her for longer than Hilary or Avril or who ever else. Avril as work for way more than 3 year’s before her first album. Hilary was sign for and worked on her CD since she was 12. I’m sure a lot of bands like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Maroon 5 etc hang out with Hilary because she is fake and as no talent. Why would a guitarist like Jason Hook, who played for Vince Niel, would go on tour with her and not other band. This guy is sought after by many band to play on tour and joins them at his condition.

  3. astrange1 says:

    How about she pays well? I mean it. These guys got to make a living during a period here most of the tours use DJs or are groups. If your not in a top selling group like GC, SP, etc. it might be rough going. Hilary lets them get off some rock licks on stage and he lends her legitimacy (and a great band). This is not an insult…despite her musical shortcomings, I think the girl is brilliant. None of the teen queens have maximized their commercial impact to raw talent ratio more than her. When her time is over, she can make another fortune as an adviser for future teen queens. As for Vince Neil, he sucks so bad Hilary is likely a step up for Jason Hook.

  4. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    I saw the little b1tch “live” and she didn’t lip sync. I don’t care for her, as a matter of fact I don’t care for her at all. But she did sing live her whole concert and so did her sister.

  5. allyouwanted says:

    Okay first of all get your grammar right you prick. Avril has been working on her album long yes I dunno but Hilary got her contract sweetie because she was Lizzie McGuire. and she was not signed since she was twelve honey. I guess it’s your opinion if she has talent but fame is wasted on Hilary Duff there are way better performers out there who don’t get signed unlike Hilary whose highest note is like a C. Come on people, is this what life is like now?

  6. ssl291 says:

    Hilary got sign when she was twelve. She made her Christmas CD when she was in her late thirteen’s early fourteen’s (like I said people should check the fact before they talk). By then it was already decided that she would do a solo CD. I don’t say that the show Lizzie Mcguire didn’t helped launching her musical career. Since she is not the first actress turned singer and most of them flopped at doing the transition. Has for her talent people like John Mayer, Steven Tyler, etc, are way better judges that you will ever be. Again it doesn’t mean you have to like. If you don’t just don’t care about her. I don’t force anybody to like her and I never said she was the greatest singer. Fame is not lost on her since nobody is force to like her and still there is a lot of people that do like. She is also way more down to earth and accessible than a lot of artist out there. If other performer are not able to do better than her they should try to find out why. When I bought the CD Metamorphosis I didn’t even know that there was a show called Lizzie Mcguire. If you don’t like just don’t listen to her. Don’t pretend you went to her show saying that she lip synched because if you really had saw her you would know she is not. I don’t say that there is not other talented performers that don’t get signed but it doesn’t have anything to do with what any other artist does. If what they do was or is so great they would or will get the fame they deserve.

  7. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    While I was watching rose red, I turned the channel during commercial. I flipped past radio Disney, and this girl was on, right after I read this. it was weird. I actually thought it was Hilary at first. she had the same terrible voice and the same even worse songs.

  8. allyouwanted says:

    Well her Christmas CD came out in 2002 which means she was 15 when it came out. so she was fourteen when she recorded it since her birthday is in September so she would have recorded it probably in the spring I am guessing. she was probably signed not long before that so she wasn’t younger than fourteen. and I did check the facts lol. if it came off that I didn’t respect your opinion I didn’t mean to. Lizzie Mcguire did help her record because she wouldn’t have gotten it if she wasn’t Lizzie Mcguire because she was signed with Hollywood Records. i actually am a fan of Hilary so don’t say I’m not just because I know facts about her and I’m not 9 years old going on some site. I did go to her concert and I had a great time. I know she sang live but there was backtrack alright? you weren’t there so you have no proof I do. if you want me to show you the ticket I can but I was there and I am a fan I’m not attacking Hilary I am attacking her ignorant fans. I am a fan okay?? if you look at all my past posts before you came here you will see that I am a fan okay?

  9. ssl291 says:

    I caught an interview where she said herself that she signed her first recording contract at age 12. And she has release some songs before that Christmas CD. ”I know she sang live but there was backtrack alright?’ Once again I never said that there was no backtrack. And having a backtrack as nothing to do with lip synching. If she was lip synching you wouldn’t hear her at all. And the backtrack is only in some part of some songs. For example at her show in Nashville last August she almost fell at the start of the show and she had to used her hand that hold the mike to grab the gate to the top of the stage. And guess what we only heard music until she started singing again. I saw her show 7 times as of yet and, I still have the Albany show to see next Monday, And every show was great. She and the band made some mistake in every show, that is what happen when people are live. If you look at what I wrote in the past: I never said she was the best singer in the world (she’s the one I Like the best). And I never said that people were stupid for not liking her music or movie. And I never said that they had to like her either. What I have said is that people are liar when they say she lip synch. They lie when they say she is talentless. You lie when you say that fame is lost on her (by the way I’m sure you are not attacking her when you say that). And you are also not attacking her when you say that she is a liar.

  10. Jimmy says:

    All because someone releases an album before them means nothing,but they got the break before them and that is it.Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan are fair.I never really liked them all that much.Brie Larson is who I liked more.Brie does songwrite and she started writing songs in 2000.So quit bashing Brie Larson.People lip sync need to get singing lessons.Why fake it if you got it?I never viewed them as great.Ashley Simpson was a artist that I respected till she lip synced then I wondered does she do this on her albums.Why fake if you got it?Gifted people never lip sync.

  11. Jimmy says:

    Kenny Loggins is gifted and he never lip synced.He is one of musical heroes.

  12. Jimmy says:

    I am 25.Hilary and Lindsay don’t lip sync.Neither does true singers.Brie Larson is a amazing singer/songwriter.

  13. Jimmy says:

    Everybody has a real voice.Why not judge yourselves and try to sing and write a song.See how hard it is,then try to judge the rest.You see what I mean.I have wrote a lot of songs,yet it is hard to write them by yourself.

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