Britney And Brian Cruise Around In Santa Monica

and her brother Brian were photographed driving around Santa Monica, California talking on their cell phones on Thursday (December 18). Included is a larger version of Britney’s 500SL parked in a marked disabled parking spot with a blue sign on the wall indicating ‘Disabled Parking Only’.

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8 thoughts on “Britney And Brian Cruise Around In Santa Monica

  1. muzik_luver says:

    there. theres some better bigger pics of the little handicap parking incident. It was bryan driving and she’s the third car in that space. so there.

  2. Kizzardkid says:

    Why would you go on a cruise with your brother? hmmm…. Maybe they really are close but she should of taken her whole family.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Her mental defective brother,Brian DID park in the disabled parking space while she could get her drink. It still was careless move. But maybe they were okay’d to do so. Who knows? People like Music Man know how to stir up trouble. This should have been posted first so we could see that Brian was driving-NOT that it makes it right either.

  4. amusicfanofsoul says:

    there is a red fire line and a lil’ curb there…’, ‘and the other cars are parked on the side of it. where as she is parked in the parking space.

  5. Jaggie says:

    ugh, her brother is quite unattractive. and she looks like she just stopped trying to be even remotely appealing to the opposite sex. or to anyone for that matter.

  6. JMAX says:

    I didn’t notice it before, but she is getting in on the passenger side, and it’s Brian who was driving. So it was probably him who parked there, not Britney. Oh well. Like I said, I’ve done that before. And I will admit, it’s not a very nice thing to do, but when the parking lot is completely full, and you see 40 empty handicap spaces right next to the door, you think to yourself, “40 disabled/elderly people aren’t going to show up all at once.” But I was ticketed and I paid the fine and all that shit, and I haven’t done it since (so don’t bite my head off again, breez).

  7. amielynn says:

    You want to say she looks bad in these picks. OK!!! I will agree they surly are not her best of pics. However do you guy’s always dressup to go get a cup of coffee. Goodness sometimes you guy’s need to give it a rest. People never look good all the time! Unless your some obsessed freak who has to put on makeup and high heels to take out the trash shi@ give me a break.

  8. hellahooked says:

    Britney looks alright and Brain he looks better than he use to be. Yeah it was Brain who was driving, so it’s his fault parking in the handicap spot.

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