Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Attend Strip Bar For Pointers

Peoplenews reports Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s attended a stripshow at the Granville nightclub in Los Angeles with a dozen bodyguards in tow. Witnesses say Spears was wearing a cowboy hat with a bare midriff top and watched open-mouthed at some of the dancer’s gyrations. Afterwards, Britney reportedly took in what she saw to give Justin his own strip show.

Britney/Justin Don’t Like Each Other’s Sexy Videos

October 15, 2001 – World Online reports Britney Spears sounding off on *NSYNC’s new video for ‘Gone’ which features singing seductively to a beautiful girl. Spears says, “I personally don’t like it, seeing him do things like that. I prefer not to watch. He doesn’t like seeing me do it either but it’s part of what we do. Artistically it brings the video to life.”

Britney And Justin Dine At Ivy

October 13, 2001 – has 4 photos of Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s leaving from the Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hill, California on Friday. Strangely, the site has the caption, “Britney Spears looks pregnant” [she just finished eating and had a bare midriff shirt on] and added that the two arrived and left separately.

Justin In New Cosmopolitan Magazine

October 10, 2001 – Contributed by PipKC: I bought the Nov. 2001 Cosmopolitan Magazine today and the girl on the cover is holding a magazine with Justin Timberlake on the cover. So I look in the mag and they have a 69 page “All about Men” section. It has a couple of new pictures of Justin and an Interview with him! You can see the pictures at: I hope to type up the interview sometime today.

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