Britney And Kevin Out And About In Santa Monica

and fiance Kevin Federline were photographed out and about in Santa Monica buying some fast food on Friday (August 6). Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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7 thoughts on “Britney And Kevin Out And About In Santa Monica

  1. GabbyJo says:

    This has nothing to do with the pics, but I just saw an old SNL with Britney and I think she was actually singing live. I’m pretty sure because it was hilarious.

  2. jimmypee says:

    all she does is eat fast food. no wonder she’s getting so fat. trash

  3. MELLYSTORM says:

    HE is so trashy, and she always looks like she just fell out of bed.

  4. britwhipped says:

    White, white, white…………. I’m so sick of Kevin wearing white shirts all the time…. my gosh get some clothes……… plus they both look like they have bad hygiene, don’t they ever shower?

  5. PhiSig269 says:

    Most of the pictures are of Kevin I wonder what they are eating that day. I wish she would do her hair this is starting to get old. Her outfits are fine its just the hair. I wouldn’t call her dirty though she probably just showers then throws her hair up. I hope she is enjoying her time off Her Greatest Hits album is coming out in November yay!

  6. fandango says:

    and they are usually wife-beater shirt/tanks…hope this doesn’t mean–>’, ‘that he’s going to beat the living sh** out of BS. I wouldn’t put it past him–I give it 2 months into marriage before he smacks her down. GUARANTEED.

  7. alm81 says:

    That would be like me going on the street and getting some random person’s autograph. It would be just as worthless.

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