Britney And Paris At Hyde… Paris & Lindsay Fighting Again!

and Paris Hilton were spotted at Dan Tana’s and Hyde in Hollywood on Monday night (November 27), where Paris once again got into it with Lindsay Lohan, ending their 1-day truce. An inside source at Hyde tells X17 that Paris told Lindsay, “You’re a fu**ing coked-out whore; don’t ever say you’re my friend again!” Pictures and video at X17 and TMZ have since been removed.

Britney’s Fast Friendship With Paris Examined

November 28, 2006 – CNN Headline News ‘Showbiz Tonight’ co-host A.J. Hammer discussed the buzz surrounding hanging out with Paris Hilton recently with TMZ’s Harvey Levin on Monday (November 27). Read a transcript of the segment here.

Bizarro World: Paris Hilton Protects Britney Spears’ Modesty

November 28, 2006 – Paris was photographed trying to keep her pal Britney’s crotch from being put on full display yet again from waiting paparazzi as she exited the heiress’ sports car. Pictures at have since been removed.

Be Like Paris

November 27, 2006 – Britney Spears was photographed with Paris Hilton leaving the heiress’ home at 6 on Monday. Both appear to be wearing a customized t-shirt that said, “I’m Paris Hilton. I can do whatever I want…” Pictures from have since been removed.

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7 thoughts on “Britney And Paris At Hyde… Paris & Lindsay Fighting Again!

  1. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    Britney is an idiot. Does this dummy not know that she has 2 small children at home to take care of? I mean, it’s okay to have time for yourself when you’re a mother, everyone needs a break once in a while from their kids, but Britney is acting like she’s 16 again. If she wanted to stay out and party all the time she should have never had children in the first place. And hanging out with ugly parasite Hilton? How low can you go?

  2. PopTart says:

    Cheeto and Tater Tot are probably being taken of by their bulldog Grandmother Lynne. LOL @ Paris. She is so full of herself that it’s disgusting. These two are a match made in Attention Whore Heaven.

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    YUCK!!! What is up with this one? I just don’t get it. All of a sudden, they’re everywhere…. maybe they are secret lovers….who knows….something isn’t right. And the shirt….disgusting!

    For once….we agree!! This isn’t how you act when you have 2 kids under 18 months at home…. Like you said, a little time here and there is ok….but, um, she’s been partying NON STOP for the past 2 weeks….WHERE ARE HER BABIES?

    She’s probably hired the best nannies to raise them while she gets her old crown back, because we all know that is ultimately what is the MOST important to her….HERSELF!

    Cheeto and Tater Tot….LOVE IT!!! The match is making me sick, I must say…. I give it another couple of weeks, then they’ll be a thing of the past!

  4. PopTart says:

    I agree. It’s very weird, like an episode out of the Twilight Zone. I give it about a month. Paris is a leech. She’ll get all the publicity she can from Britney and then drop her like a hot potato. Then the mud slinging will begin.

    Somewhat off topic and little vulgar, but Britney needs to invest in a bra or some pasties because Homefry in Gravy’s nipples are something I don’t want to see.

  5. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    The shirt? Did u see the pic where Britney & Paris were both wearing one stocking’, ‘each? I saw the pic in the NY Post, Britney looks so stupid trying to fit in with that crowd and she’s dumb too because Paris drops her friends like it’s nothing. Paris can’t be trusted. Britney is an idiot. I like Kevin better right now.

  6. LosAngelesBonfire says:


  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I know…I definitely get the feeling that Britney is being led around by a leash.. and yes, the one stocking thing….just ignorant!! But no one ever said that either of them were very graceful in their style.

    EVERYONE with half a brain could see this coming a LONG time ago… When she announced her “I want kids soon…next year at 23, I’m so there….” I said “hold up…big mistake…you’re not anywhere NEAR mature enough yet….” Of course, not TO her, but I said it none the less. She just isn’t mature enough to have someone depending on her. What’s sad is that those kids won’t be raised by her OR Kevin… And what’s even sadder….Kevin is looking like the more responsible parent in all of this. If I were the judge looking at the case, NONE of it would look good for Britney and I’d be more apt to give the kids to Kev.

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