Britney And Shar’s Argument And Dance-Off At LA Club

According to Star magazine, and engaged in an exhaustive dance-off on August 30th at Joseph’s nightclub in Los Angeles. An onlooker revealed that when Jackson arrived and saw Spears, she “stormed over to Britney and Kevin’s table and started yelling at Britney.” After some words with Shar’s ex and Britney’s fiance Kevin Federline, they all hit the dance floor. “When Britney and Kevin started dancing real close, it looked like Shar wanted to make Kevin jealous: She went on the dance floor, only four feet away from Britney, and started grabbing guys at random, dancing to hip-hop and grinding against each guy,” the onlooker revealed. But the trick didn’t seem to work, and after 20 minutes, Shar “gave up and left the dance floor since it seemed to be having no effect.”

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