Britney, Britney, Britney

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Many people have said that this wedding is not a big deal and that no one should care that got married. Well these are the same people that have commented on the negative personal lives of many other stars; from their breakdowns to their fashion senses; to the fact that they think some are slutty (even though one in particular that is called a slut often has not been proven to have sex and has had like what? Two boyfriends in five or six years…) Anywayz, back to the topic. If other stars image is so important then why should we just let this go.

Honestly until recently I preferred Britney because she seemed so sweet and full of life…image matters! Every one of you have said something either positive or negative about a singers’ image.

But now, I mean, Britney (for me at least) has kind of blown it. Maybe she is suffering a breakdown of some sort, but maybe this is who she truely is and that is a bit scary.

After all the things she has done I have lost respect for her and I can not listen to her music as much because of it, I mean on some level I’ll always be a fan because (despite what many think) I think she has talent – just because she doesn’t have a loud, strong voice doesn’t mean she can’t sing, I prefer a smoother, softer voice. But after all the crap she has pulled, well I just don’t see her as the same person.

She has :

gone from cute outfits to slutty outfits

gone from a sweet girl to a mean spirited one

allegedly begun to take cocaine

allegedly begun to drink heavily

turned her back on the religion she once pledged so dear to her heart

lied repeatedly to us

done everything she said she would never do

let her music take a backseat to her social life

kissed Madonna for publicity

and now she has turned the sanctity of marriage into a joke.

I really think that as a public figure she owes us more than this. She is a role model. She knew what she was signing on for (and not all celebrities go this crazy with publicity – many have managed to keep their private lives completely private – but she opened that door) We are her fans, we make her and break her and she shows us no respect whatsoever, if that continues then you know what – forget her!

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