Britney Concert Speculative Fervor Hits eBay

Even though there hasn’t been official verification if “The M+M’s” is Britney Spears, there are currently 47 auctions on eBay pitching tickets for the show with “buy it now” prices in the range of $150 each. As stressed earlier, with a gap in the touring schedules of +44 and Angels & Airwaves, with a show kicking off in their hometown San Diego, and with a band name which matches the name of their debut single in 1995, the clues would point to a blink-182 reunion show, not a Britney show. But without a denial from her camp, with the shows being labeled as pop, with Forty Deuce confirming her plans for a show last week, and with Britney appearing to be rehearsing for something, fans may be willing to take the risk.

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