Britney Doesn’t Care About Her Fans & Her Fans Don’t Care About Her

Contributed anonymously:

It’s no secret doesn’t care too much about her fans. She is one of the most difficult people to get autographs from, she does not thank her fans when she receives awards, and she goes out in public looking “trashy” not caring about what her fans or anyone else think of her, she doesn’t even bother to show up to many award shows. Britney really doesn’t care about anyone who is not in her “inner circle.”

However, maybe Britney’s behavior is justified since her fans don’t care much about her! Like Britney, her fans are unpredictable and will turn on her at any second. If Britney so much buys flowers at 711 her fans will turn on her and call her “trashy.” Britney fans demand a lot for their idol and if Britney takes a break her fans become very angry and demand a new video or call her lazy. Britney fans can not even bother to vote for Britney for Viewers Choice Award for the VMAs. However, it doesn’t’ matter if Britney fans vote or not, because Britney doesn’t even bother to show up and accept her awards sometimes!

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