Britney Fan Site Relaunches Without Disillusioned Webmaster has re-launched with a new site operator. A new posting read: “I am Jesaka, the webmaster of the new WoB. As you guys know, and as stated above, Ruben passed down to his longtime pal Rajiv Doshi, which is a friend of mine, I’ve worked with him for almost two years. I have been doing websites for about 5 / 6 years and WoB is truly an amazing site and I am happy to have been chosen to take it over. Since you all were so used to the way Ruben had been running this site, decided to leave it that way. If it aint broken, why fix it right? after you all get used to the new team, we will then revamp wob, giving it a new look, some content and other goodies.”

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