Britney & Fans Don’t Really Care About Less Popular Christina

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It happens all the time in high school, the unpopular geeks and rebels make fun of the popular students who don’t even know they exist.

This is similar to the situation between , , and both of their fan bases. As Britney gets more attention then Christina, Christina desperately disses her popular counterpart in hopes that she will get any leftover scrapes of attention. Britney barely gives a reply to Christina, and it’s probably because she just doesn’t care. Britney is to busy with her successful career.

Not only does this situation happen between the pop rivals, but it also happens between there fans. As Britney fans rejoice at the success of “The Onyx Hotel Tour” and “In the Zone” Christina fans are disappointed with the sales of “Stripped” and they are upset that Christina cancelled her tour because of slow ticket sales, so they take out their anger by dissing every aspect of Britney’s concerts. Britney fans still don’t seem to care to much about Christina and rarely attack threads made about her, they only fight back when Britney is dissed on her own threads.
*T.J Hoopla*

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2 thoughts on “Britney & Fans Don’t Really Care About Less Popular Christina

  1. Gandhi says:

    Stripped World Tour is the best tour by any artist according to Rolling Stone.As well as Back to Basics World Tour named as The Top Grossing Tour by female artist in estimation for $185 M.Did you ever read Rolling Stone,huh?You’re such a hypocrite.

  2. BritneyLover says:

    Stripped world tour wasn’t the best tour by any artist. Neither was the back to the basics tour Britney’s Circus tour sold a lot more than both of those tours combined

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