Britney Fans Fume: Ruben Doesn’t Speak For Us!

Fans of are furious with founder Ruben Garay after his appearances on CNN Headline News and ‘Access Hollywood’ tonight and the impression he is representing the thoughts of all the fans of the pop princess. “I can’t believe this douche is thinking he’s going to take credit for Britney’s comeback,” Juliegirlbs moaned. “[His] advice. What advice? All he did was trash her and threaten to not support her if she didn’t give him money.” Sparklingsoul added, “I thought that whole nonsense about losing faith in Britney was just that, nonsense. He couldn’t afford to buy out the rest of the rights to the domain name and lost it. Ruben comes off as a total chode.” Other fans are discussing the idea of putting together short video clips supporting Spears to send to the singer to boost her confidence.

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