Britney Goes To Church, Following Pap Stopped By Gunpoint

was spotted on her way to church in Los Angeles on Sunday (March 25). Check out pictures from RexFeatures. Splash had footage (since removed) of a paparazzo staring at the barrel of a security guard’s gun for trying to run down a traffic official who was blocked the snapper’s entry into the facility.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Goes To Church, Following Pap Stopped By Gunpoint

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Who the hell does she think she is? The POPE? Her security should NOT be allowed to pull a gun on ANYONE!! I don’t care how much of a threat they think someone is to her…she’s a freaking twit of a popstar…not the president, or someone even remotely special. The FORMER princess of pop, NOT actual royalty. She seriously needs to get over herself. Maybe if she hadn’t brought all this on HERSELF I might be a bit more sympathetic…but sorry…she DID bring it on herself, and not only that….she CONTINUES to bring it on herself. If she wants out of it all, then she needs to leave LA!!! It’s THAT simple!

  2. galleta says:

    Good for her security they need to start shooting some of those guys. Enough is enough already. I can’t stand Hoe-ney but come on she should be able to step out of her home without being hunted.

  3. munchikin says:

    I agree with the first post, but the person who posted above this is a retarded Britney fan in denial. I recall hearing that someone got shot at her baby shower too. By one of her bodyguards. Probably the same one. It’s funny, though. She wants privacy, but as soon as paparazzi slows down, she’ll do something (like shave her head in public) to get that attention back. If the world has to see her on T.V. everyday and hear about her stupidity over the radio, she doesn’t deserve a break. If we don’t get one from her, she won’t get one from us.

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