Britney Has An Overwhelming Love-hate Relationship With Jamie

Sharon Churcher of the Mail on Sunday is writing extensively about her dealings with Britney Spears’ father Jamie in her latest column, claiming the 56-year-old “picked up a large carving knife and theatrically stabbed it into the wooden table at which we were sitting” every time she got up to go during a visit to his Kentwood home in 2002.

Besides the alarming incident, Jamie’s past business failures and alcoholism prompted Churcher to wonder if he’s the right person to be in complete control of Britney’s affairs, which has created mounting tension between the pair. As Jamie schedules Britney for a world tour in support of ‘Circus’, she has reportedly threatened to cancel some engagements, complaining she’s not yet ready to cope with the pressures involved so soon after her breakdown. “She blames her father for everything,” an acquaintance revealed. “He and Brit hardly spoke for years and now all of a sudden he is the king. She has an overwhelming love-hate relationship with her dad, and now Jamie has alienated his daughter by treating her like an infant. She is given to crying fits and says her father has pushed her into performing before she is ready.”

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