Britney Heartbroken As Sandra Covington Nears Death

WENN reports was heartbroken on Sunday night after learning her beloved aunt Sandra Covington, mother to her best friend Laura Lynne, has only days to live following a cancer battle. A close family friend says, “She could die any time. It’s just a matter of waiting.” Britney has flown Laura to her Los Angeles mansion to comfort her, and they are on stand-by to go to Houston to be at Sandra’s bedside for her final hours. “It’s been so difficult for Laura Lynne and devastating for the family,” said a friend.

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One thought on “Britney Heartbroken As Sandra Covington Nears Death

  1. Hannah mcblain says:

    What ashame I feel so sorry for Britney spears and her family after there sad loss of Britney’s auntie Sandra
    Hope that they are all okay?. My dad passed away at the age of 38! and I feel so upset and I wish he came back but now I know he is in heaven with my auntie anne.
    P.S I love you Britney you rock!

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