Britney, J.Lo, Etc. Inspire Butt Cleavage Fad

Jennifer D’Angelo of reports stars like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have inspired, if accidentally, a new fashion statement of showing your butt crack. Annette Stamatelatos, one of Britney Spears’ backup singers commented, “We’re all flying out of our pants – Britney, me, the dancers. It’s sexy at the pre-point before the pop-out. Beyond that you get a little self-conscious.” Read more.

People’s Choice Awards Announced

November 29, 2001 – The two musical categories for this year’s 28th annual People’s Choice Awards were announced and for female musical performer, Faith Hill, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears got the nod. As for musical group, will battle Backstreet Boys and Dixie Chicks for the honor. The show is telecast live on CBS on January 13.

J.Lo Demands Better Security Than Queen

November 28, 2001 – MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls reports Jennifer Lopez asked for better security than the Queen during her Royal Variety Performance on Monday. After asking for accommodations for a 100 person entourage, she was told she could only bring 26 people and when asked about the security at the Met, the London Express reports she was told, “If the security is good enough for the Queen, I’m sure it’s good enough for you.”

J.Lo Fumes Over Diva Rap

November 28, 2001 – The Sun’s Dominic Mohan spoke with Jennifer Lopez and even hubby Cris Judd as she’s in town on a promotional tour. As for her excessive demands, Lopez fumed, “It makes me angry. I’m portrayed negatively as spoiled and demanding and an obnoxious person. I’m not like that, I’m the opposite. Of course, the people around me try to make things as pleasant as possible for me. They know I work like crazy – it’s non-stop and insane. I do ask for things to feel comfortable. I don’t DEMAND things.”

The story at has since been removed.

J.Lo Proud Of New Home

November 23, 2001 – The Globe has photos of Jennifer Lopez and new husband Cris Judd checking out the construction of their new home in the Hollywood Hills in the November 27 issue (p24-25). A pal revealed of her $8 million pad, “J.Lo is ecstatic every time she goes to the house to see how the construction is coming along. She stands on the deck and proudly takes in the spectacular view. She has a look on her face that says, ‘I’ve worked hard for this!'”

J.Lo Flies To Europe Unlike Britney & Janet

November 23, 2001 – WENN reports organizers with the Top of the Pop awards are happy that Jennifer Lopez is going through with plans to fly and perform at the UK awards show. One of the organizers said, “To be honest, we’re not too surprised by petty weedy behavior from some U.S. stars.”

“Big U.S. names seem ludicrously paranoid that they are going to be targets — they probably think Britain is next door to Afghanistan.

“But J.Lo hasn’t been put off in the slightest — there haven’t been any qualms from her people about her performing at all.”

Two of the biggest names in pop, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, are among those who have cancelled visits to Europe.

Leno Goofs On Britney & J.Lo

November 22, 2001 – Jay Leno joked during his Wednesday monologue, “Last night, NBC aired the Jennifer Lopez special. Anybody watch that? They’re doing one of those documentaries now, one of those ‘making of’ specials, it’s called ‘Jennifer Lopez: Behind the buttocks.’ I think it’s going to be on next week.”

As for Britney, he cracked, “Last Sunday night, Britney Spears performed in Las Vegas. You know, wherever she went in Vegas, people stopped and stared, not because she’s a celebrity, it’s just — people in Vegas have never seen a virgin before. ‘Oh, my god'”

After that, they ran a skit for ‘Baby Doll Britney’ about the new Britney Spears doll…

Jennifer Lopez Gets So-So Ratings

November 22, 2001 – Or at least that’s how the Hollywood Reporter typified it. Jennifer Lopez’s special averaged 11.8 million viewers and 4.5 rating/12 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, putting it behind CBS powerhouse “JAG”… but not so bad compared with specials by fellow pop stars.

Jennifer Lopez Hopes To Tour In 2002

November 21, 2001 – Jennifer Lopez talked with reporters in Stockholm Wednesday at a news conference where she revealed after doing two films in 2002, she hopes to go on tour. J.Lo said, “I’ve been wanting to go on a tour for a while now, but it hasn’t worked out yet. But I really love performing on stage – it’s so fulfilling,”

Jennifer Lopez Promises Babies Soon

November 21, 2001 – IMDB reports Jennifer Lopez has revealed her intent on starting a family as she admits when she’s not so busy, that time will come. J.Lo explains, “Why get married if you don’t want to do that? Besides, Cris comes from a very nice family and so do I!”

J.Lo Talks Honeymoon To Jay

November 21, 2001 – Jennifer Lopez was on with Jay Leno Monday night where Jay quizzed the singer about her honeymoon and her new hubby, Cris Judd. J.Lo says, “I don’t talk about him a lot in public. You know what I mean? But he’s amazing.” As for when they first met, Lopez added, “You know, we were working together, it was platonic for a while, and then eventually there’s…”

Gigantic Jennifer Lopez Puerto Rico Concert Gallery

November 21, 2001 – has a gigantic gallery of 379 photos from Jennifer Lopez in Concert from her 20th and 21st performances in Puerto Rico. ‘Jennifer Lopez in Concert’ aired Tuesday on NBC. The actress and singer was performing in support of her second studio album ‘J.Lo’. Check out the gallery, albeit tiny sized photos, here.

Jennifer Lopez Brings House Cleaning Albums

November 20, 2001 – Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel talked with Jennifer Lopez ahead of her special on NBC Tuesday night as the singer admitted of her musical preference, “I always want to make music that people want to clean the house to. It makes it a little less bad to have to clean. Those are my favorite kind of albums. I know it sounds kind of funny, but it actually has a lot of value.” No word on the last time J.Lo cleaned her own home.

Jennifer Lopez Given Warm Reviews

November 20, 2001 – Mike Duffy of the Detroit Free Press spoke with Jennifer Lopez ahead of her concert on NBC last night where the singer admitted following the first of two shows in Puerto Rico, “I was so exhausted I couldn’t even get up off the couch. I said, ‘How am I going to do this tomorrow night?!'”

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