Britney Kisses Snoop Dog In New Video

Contributed by MeAgainstTheMusic: has a shot of kissing Snoop Dog with her legs wrapped around him in her latest, yet unreleased video, ‘Outrageous’. Check it out here.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Kisses Snoop Dog In New Video

  1. nr1983 says:


  2. ko says:

    Wow how sad. This girl is as white as can be. At least Christina can sing like a black girl and her friends mostly black…but Brit is pure white bread!

  3. tohellwithstares says:

    lmfao I bet Britney can sing/rap like a black person if she tried. also if you wanna talk about whiteness, Christina is way whiter than Britney (ie Christina has really white skin and natural platinum blond hair) at least Britney is from the south, is a brunette, etc. and she also has black friends.

    She’s not trying to be someone else. she just dressed up in basketball gear and kissed a black guy.

  4. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Heh. It looks funny, with her legs wrapped around him… not so much sexy, more like playful. Like she pounced on him to give him a smooch.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    OMG please…’, ‘LMAO. I’m sorry that’s just funny. The thing is, singing/rapping like a black person is either a gift or a talent, you either have it or you don’t. Britney doesn’t have a mature or powerful voice to sing like a black girl, and she doesn’t have the skills to rap. Those are qualities that are crafted through practice. Britney trying to do it is not going to all of a sudden strengthen her vocal chords to become like a gospel singer or like Whitney Houston, or all of a sudden make her a female version of Eminem. And another thing, what does Britney being a brunette and having black friends have anything to do with her being less white than Xtina? I have more white friends than black friends, does that make me white? My friend is blonde and she has more black friends than white, does that all of a sudden make her black? Please…you are either white or black based on skin color, not based on what color hair you have or what race of color you hang out with.

    I don’t see why something like this is a big deal. From what I’ve been reading so far, some of you are ridiculously making this into a racial issue or something. So what that she kissed Snoop Dogg? That doesn’t make her a ho, or give her an ounce of credit for being black, regardless if she acted or even sounded like a black person. She just kissed him, big deal.

  6. aligia says:

    you are right, then is better to say that she is acting urban-chick.’, ‘Come on, a pop chick smoothing a rapper. If you do something as a simple joint with a rapper you don’t go so far in a video-clip. Britney does it for BUZZZZZZZZZ AND CONTROVERSY. When was the last time you saw something like this?

    her career moves are little bit more calculated than simply acting spontaneous in a v’, ‘video-clip. She wants controversy and to get rid off her good-girl image once and for all. And what better way could she think tn kissing a black, gangsta-rapper?

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    That’s a better way to say it. I find it just so stereotypical and just shallow when people have to assume that hair color and the type of colored people you hang out with gives you “street” credit for being black and crap. Britney is of course doing it for buzz and attention, and maybe a little controversy. Who would have expected someone like Snoop Dogg to do a Britney video? For some reason I don’t find that shocking or surprising, Christina had Lil Kim in her music video, so why couldn’t Britney also get a rapper to be in her music video too.

    lol, but doesn’t that seem a little silly? At this point of her career, does anyone actually believe that she’s still the girl from the micky mouse club? She has already gotten rid of her “good girl” image already, how many times does she have to remind us that she isn’t one. She needs to start making career moves that are based on just who she is, not based on what she wants us to believe, this crap about “oh I’m not a girl anymore, let me show you by being as sexy and sexual as possible,” is making it seem as if she’s desperately proving to herself that she isn’t miss innocent.

  8. galleta says:

    Other than him being ugly as he!! what is the big fuss about, are people trying to say that she is above kissing a black guy lol be for real I’m sure Hoe-ney has been with all kind of men. I’m really shocked at ppls reaction to this a lot of fuss over absolutely. lol

  9. aligia says:

    She is not a lot that’s why she is playing the innocent/toxic, girl/woman game with th’, ‘lic. I don’t think that she persuaded a lot of people with her ‘toxic’ image , judging from the sales. She just maintained her hardcore, fanbase and with ‘ Everyday’ she emotionalized it a little bit but not so much as to widen the ideas of her fans for her. To put it simply she wants to outrage her fans and the public in general so that her older images can be forgotten.

    the problem with her image is that she seems always in order.’, ‘We even understood in few days all of her stunts, nobody ate them up but her hardcore fans. She doesn’t convince anyboby that she is a bold, doing-everything,wild chick. You know what I am saying?

  10. jazzprofounder says:

    Oh c’mon, what makes Britney a “good” white girl and Snoop Dogg a “dangerous” black man? Snoop Dogg is no more or less dangerous than Britney and vice versa. A white girl kissing a black guy is not taboo anymore, these days it’s more acceptable than it was centuries ago. After all, it’s not like these two are dating or having sex, what’s the big fuss about?

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