Britney & Madge: The Biggest Stars Since Elvis

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and Madonna are “Pop Icons” no matter what they do, what they have done or what they are planning to do. Why? The simple answer is this: they have already established themselves in the public consciousness like no artists ever since I daresay ‘Elvis’. Britney Spears has the sales potential to be the Biggest Selling Artist of the 21st Century while Madonna’s unparalleled & continuing success makes her the only ‘Legend’ of this generation.

Britney Spears: ‘The Sales Behemoth’. Forget about her recent flop ‘B In The Mix’ (the album wasn’t a studio album with no promotion anyway). Regardless, this is why Britney couldn’t be touched sales wise by any other female artist in history.

1. She is the fastest-selling female artist ever. She is the only female artist to have her first 4 albums go to No.1 in the States. She is the youngest artist (24 years old) in history to already have multiple ‘Diamond’ certifications from the RIAA. In only 7 years of actively recording, she has already sold an estimated 106 million records (76 million albums & 30 million singles).

She has the Biggest Selling 1st Week Sales by a female artist with ‘Oops I Did It Again’ & to think the 1st single of this album only hit No. 9 in the Billboard Hot 100. Her subsequent studio releases all had 1st week sales of not less than 600,000 copies in the States (a feat unmatched by any other female).

2. She has an amazing rate of releasing albums. When Britney releases her next album in 2006, it will be her 5th studio album and 7th non-studio one. At only 24 years old she already has released a ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation (selling 6 million worldwide) while most of her senior counterparts like Madonna or had to wait until their 30’s. In short Britney still has a lot of years to release new material.

3. She has the “Most Potential”. It has been documented that has been the Biggest Selling Artist for the first 5 years of the 21st Century. Accordingly, she has sold more than 60 million albums during that period (more than any artist male or female). To think Britney is still young at 24 that speak volumes.

4. She is the last true “Pop Superstar” to come out since Michael Jackson & Madonna. Don’t make a mistake of mentioning Christina Aguilera, Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Jojo, Justin Timberlake, Jesse McCartney, etc. I do love some of these artists (especially Christina) but let’s be honest: none of touches the magnitude of Britney’s huge sales.

5. She has “Global Appeal”. To perfectly describe this, her “Greatest Hits” album sold only 1 million in the States but sold 5 million worldwide. Her “In The Zone” album sold only 2.9 million in the States but more than 5 million elsewhere in the globe.

Madonna: ‘The Perennial Pop Icon’. All the proof that she is the ‘Ultimate Pop Legend’ has already been discussed in this forum lately so I wouldn’t spend time posting the argument again. I would only mention that VH1 has named Madonna the ‘Perennial Pop Icon’ of all time beating the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince.

I think the 21st Century will be dominated by these two divas in two separate categories. Britney would dominate sales wise while Madonna would dominate cultural wise. Both have “Worldwide Appeal” and both are “True Artists” who have influenced the music culture.

I would just like to emphasize that the sales & chart records of any artist would eventually be surpassed by other artists in the future so what really matters in the long run is the “Cultural Influence” the artist makes. Regarding this I believe Madonna always had the ‘Ace’.

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9 thoughts on “Britney & Madge: The Biggest Stars Since Elvis

  1. mandysdandy says:

    I can see a debate over Madonna and Mariah but Britney? Britney is the most overrated female celeb out there right on par with Paris Hilton. She’s a tabloid joke. Please don’t mention her in the same sentence with Madonna.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    I think putting them together is a bit of an exaggeration. I mean sure, Britney sold a lot of records and became big more so for her image and publicity stunts than for talent. But to still put her in the same league as Madonna when she hasn’t really been doing anything, hasn’t grown as an artist, and is not really popular for her music anymore is just unfair (and comparing her stardom to Elvis at this point of her career is ridiculous). There are better and more talented artists out there that deserve more credit than Britney. Sorry, but I think she’s soo overrated. She may still be talked about, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll remain a star by the time she’s Madonna’s age.

  3. caturce says:

    Here we go again, well I agree with the essay in the matter of sales, hell yeah, Britney has reached more than anyone but why do u waste ur time posting that in here if u know these people is going to get mad just because you are saying the truth! they can’t stand Britney cos she’s probably better than their favorite artists and to be a successful singer u don’t have to have a voice like Mariah or Whitney u just have to have attitude, charisma and image! that’s all that matter u can have a good voice and still be a nobody, why nobody notices Christina’s talent? why did she do a video like Dirtty if she doesn’t need to prove that she can sing? let’s accept it! you all criticize Britney, Madge and X-tina because they all express their sexuality in their own way and there still have credibility, no matter if one is a legend, a slut, the most talked about or the big voice that nobody cares about is all up to the ppl! let people listen to them cos writing essays like this are not going to change people’s minds.

  4. texassoftballchick says:

    There is NO WAY that Britney could EVER be an icon!! Mostly because her CDs have little to do with her. Britney doesn’t sing, she doesn’t write songs, she doesn’t arrange or produce anything, she is not involved in the creative concept in any form. Britney is an IMAGE. She is a PRODUCT that is sold to stupid teenyboppers (as well as horny old goats like RPL) who are stupid enough to buy them. Britney is an overplayed MTV video. Britney has always been marketed as slutty teen jailbait. It is here body and likeness being sold, not her music. So what now? Britney is older, married (for now) and has a child (sort of). Is Britney going to take her sagging boobs, flabby cellulite body and huge fat butt on tour now? The only reason Britney is still in the news is because she pays through the nose for people to plant stories about her. BRITNEY IS NOT AN ARTIST!! She is a fake. Everything about Britney is fake.

  5. theshabz says:

    Britney and Madonna the biggest artist’s since Elvis haha what you on crack Britney and Madonna are H.o.e.s they not respected artist all they do is sell sex. so crackhead get your head sorted out cos there is only been 1 true artist since Elvis and that’s MICHEAL JACKSON I repeat MICHEAL JACKSON he is the only 1 who is just as popular as Elvis and not to mention the only artist in history to sell 50 million album with 1 album release which was thriler Crackhead fix up you fool about Britney and Madonna what the heck.

  6. TiggerBoi26 says:

    You are an idiot dude. Britney may not deserve to be in a class with Elvis.. yet’, ‘anyways. Madonna most certainly does. Michael Jackson is a very mental ill person and has ruined his career. Madonna has stayed consistent and popular culture has revolved around her for over two decades. MJ can not say that. One massive hit CD is all he really can claim to. Madonna has out sold MJ and he had over a decade lead on her. Madonna is the worlds most famous person, this is a fact. She can fill a football stadium and at a premium price still today. Her every move is followed by the media, and not because she is accused of child molestation and is out of her mind dangling babies over a ledge. Its because people all over the world are interested in her. Madonna’s CD’s top more countries than MJ ever has. Only the Beatles have a Cd even close to what Madonna does over and over again. Madonna has never been a h.o.e, and your an idiot to think so. Just because she is smart enough to play the image at a point in her career and use it to make her millions makes her smart. Madonna is highly respected and will always be. She has done a lot more than JUST sex. She has done very little SEX in her work since Erotica. Over 10 years ago. Your the one on crack if you think MJ is anywhere close to Madonna. One look at the global picture over the past 25 years tells a totally different story.

  7. Vanity87 says:

    Excuse me! You are ignorant as all hell. You don’t know anything about Michael Jackson from the looks of this post. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. He’s the best selling living artist of all time, he’s broken numerous records, revolutionized the music video, is considered the greatest entertainer of all time and he didn’t do all of this with one album. Both Bad and Dangerous have sold over 30 million copies worldwide each. For you to say that Michael Jackson is nowhere near Madonna is so completely stupid. Michael is a musical genius and has been doing his thing for over 40 years. All these young artists today are inspired by Michael. It doesn’t matter what has happened in his personal life, it doesn’t change all that he has accomplished and his immense talent.

  8. KAustin says:

    1.) Madonna has out sold MJ–that is a fact. And she is not the only one who has.’, ‘(Living Or Dead). The only video MJ is given much credit for is Thriller. Madonna has been given more credit for her video profile than any other artist. She has won more awards for her videos than any other artist. Elvis is the king, not Michael. Elvis has sold more than Michael will ever come close to. Elvis and Madonna are considered the greatest entertainers of all time. Madonna has brought more to the video forum than any other artist. Both Rollingstone and Blender list more Madonna videos than any other artist on the top 100 video’s of all time. MJ is a talented artist even though he is a freak. But I blame that on how he was treated by his father. His career will never recover from the choices he has made. He does not have Madonna’s global appeal either. Madonna is successful in over 100 countries. No other artist can make this claim. She has topped more global album and single charts than any other artist including Elvis and The Beatles.

  9. Vanity87 says:

    It amazes me how these ignorant Britney fans make her out to be some legend based on her album sales and media exposure. Are we forgetting what makes a musical legend: MUSIC. Her music, singing and dancing are absolutely nothing special. Her whole appeal had to do with her sexy jail bait “virginal” image. She was a marketable product! That’s it! She’ll never be Madonna or like any of these other legends. How can she? She’s only been around six or seven years and her musical popularity and appeal have tanked. She has absolutely no respect or credibility as a musical artist and has been reduced to a white trash tabloid attraction. Get real!

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