Britney, Ricky, Beyonce, BSB Most Anticipated For 2003

Contributed by elgato:

AccessHollywood compiled a list of its Top 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2003. Coming in at 10 is Backstreet Boys. Linkin Park is #9. Lisa Marie Presley is #8. Limp Bizkit is #7. Beyonce Knowles has the #6 most anticipated album. The contestants and Justin Guarini share the #5 spot. The #4 spot goes to Alicia Keys. Ricky Martin makes the top three coming in at #3. The runner up spot goes to Madonna. And Access Hollywood says that has the most anticipated album of 2003. Their reasoning is that “Brit’s all grown up now, and in a year that seen her relationship with Justin Timberlake end. And taking the last 6 months off to rejuvenate, Britney tell us she is ready to get back at work. Britney says ‘January is when I am really think about, really taking things seriously.'”

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