Britney Says Justin Timberlake Split Was ‘Awful’

The Mirror reports that Britney Spears told a German magazine her split from *NSYNC star was the split from hell. “It was awful, it really threw me off track. He was, after all, my first love,” she admitted. Britney worries that she’ll have a hard time finding another boyfriend. “The boys are either too shy to talk to me or they just want to use me,” she said. “It’s difficult to find a guy who loves me. Me the person, not Brit the star.”

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September 4, 2002 – Star magazine quotes Justin commenting on rival boy band O-Town saying, “I’m almost positive that they don’t even have a clue what’s going on. I kind of look back and I feel like that’s what we were like.”

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3 thoughts on “Britney Says Justin Timberlake Split Was ‘Awful’

  1. skiplest says:

    Why are the tabloid magazines bringing up the People magazine interview and making it sound like she talked to another magazine? That is just pathetic.

  2. dum_BLONDE says:

    I was just gonna say the EXACT same thing. I just read that article in my mom’s People mag like 3 days ago, I can’t believe they used that same interview in another mag too. Hmm, oh well. No biggie.

  3. guccimama says:

    That is how journalists work. They take articles (sometimes they pay for it other times they don’t) and print it in their own forum. It´s very common and Britney is a huge star so it´s probably gonna happen again in the near future. Just as long as the source is there it’s ok. People syndicate news as well so People Mag could have sold the story to other tabloids. It´s just annoying as it is old new to most young people as they use the internet and thus have read the stories a 1000 times already (and got sick and tired of “breaking up stories”)

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