Britney Sends First Fanclub Newsletter Message

sent out her first Official International Fan Club Newsletter to fans addressing her thoughts on the terror attacks of 11 and how she’s coped with the tragedy. Read on for her comments.

Dear Fans,

I’m so happy to hear my new fan club is up and running well. I welcome all of you. There’s so much happening and about to happen that I can’t wait to share it with you.

There is so much turmoil in our country right now and I feel compelled to tell you how I feel. Maybe it will help you with trying to understand the craziness of it all.

My brother Bryan lives in New York in lower Manhattan. I heard about the crisis after leaving New York and landing in Los Angeles. I was terrified for my brother and everyone else. I didn’t want to continue to Australia but we did. A twenty-two hour flight allows you to do a lot of praying and thinking. I calmed my fears by deciding that I live in the best county in the world. President Bush is a fine leader. The American people should support his decisions. It was a horrific action against the USA by a heartless group of people. I stay in prayer for the victims, our wonderful county and our leaders. I am donation my time and money for relief for the families of the victims. My hope is that you will also do what you can to help out.



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One thought on “Britney Sends First Fanclub Newsletter Message

  1. Simona says:

    Hallo Britney,
    Happy birthday!!!
    How are you? This is a fan of yours, I’m from Rome and I’m 25. Are you on facebook? It can be stupid what I’m saying but have we ever talked on facebook? Or I’ve chatted with a Britney Spears who pretended to be you?
    I hope you’re going to answer me soon!!
    Love and happy birthday again!!

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