Britney Spears & Adnan Ghalib Visit Maison Luxe Furniture Store

was spotted lounging in the back of the new Mercedes Benz SUV she bought for for boyfriend Adnan Ghalib while the paparazzo took the troubled pop tart furniture shopping at Maison Luxe. Adnan served as Britney’s bodyguard as she carried a couple puppies. The shop owner warned the swarm of paparazzi she’d call the police as they trampled on items outside the front entrance. They got a police escort when leaving the store.

After stopping for some drinks and going to a gas station, Adnan approached the paps who were apparently getting too close and said, “I had the same job. It’s like, do you want us to go home, or are you gonna give us a little bit of space? You know what I mean, you’re getting stuff. Work with me, please?” The pair then headed out to Hermosa Beach, where Spears is reportedly buying another house. Watch footage via YouTube below.

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