Britney Spears Adopts British Accent At Gas Station, Walgreens

was spotted making a visit to an /PM Mini Market with a mystery man on Saturday night (December 22). The singer went inside with her gaggle of paparazzi in tow, looking for a restroom. She ended up in a back office will talking in a fake British accent. “Do you work here,” Spears asked a paparazzo giving chase. “Obviously not.” Apparently they didn’t have a public restroom so she went back outside. Spears then returned to her Mercedes, with the mystery man behind the wheel, and grabbed a cigarette.

Continuing her quest to find a restroom, Britney went to Walgreens. She rushed towards the back going into the warehouse, but eventually found it. The paparazzi then flagged down a worker to open the locked restroom, while Britney proclaimed, “Oh my god, it stinks in here.” Once inside, the paps focused their attention on Britney’s paparazzo friend Adnan. Then Britney, a female friend and the mystery man made their way outside to an convertible this time. Watch footage via YouTube below.

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