Britney Spears’ Album Flying Off Shelves

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I’m from Brooklyn, New York and the new Britney Spears’ CD ‘In The Zone’ is flying off the shelves! I went to Best Buy to pick up the latest CD, inside they had four shelves of the Britney Spears’ CD and the first shelf of the CDs were all gone by 10:30am and Best Buy opened at 9am! I checked back later after work, around 6, it was all gone. I asked the guy that worked that and he told me that it was sold out and it was gone by midday and they’re not restocking until tomorrow! (They should restock it right away to help boost the album sales) I’m very surprised that ALL FOUR shelves of the latest CD has been sold out! Britney is definitely back into the game!

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12 thoughts on “Britney Spears’ Album Flying Off Shelves

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    The Kmart and Target in San Diego are sold out too, and that was only 3 hours after they opened. Lets hope it keeps going.

  2. 1stargirl says:

    I’m gonna get her album next week.

  3. melyindaguerra says:

    I went to target today and they said it was flying off the shelves too. There was like 5 copies left

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Okay, we’ll believe you. You know what I was at tower Records this afternoon and I saw a lot of flies flying around the shelves of Britney’s CDs. And I’m not joking. Hey, believe me.

  5. tazzsgirl says:

    Don’t worry by tomorrow millions will be returned for refunds

  6. Xandrew88 says:

    That’s because XTina-Dirrty bought as much albums as she can. But I bought Brit’s album, it’s hot. Maybe Christina can learn a thing or two from Brit.

  7. QueenLambFlops says:

    I went to get mine at Walmart today and everyone I saw was buying the album! I couldn’t believe how many people I saw who had her CD in their hand. Most of the people came in just to buy one thing and that was her cd! I’m so excited!

  8. JMAX says:

    I also had trouble finding it. All the displays were empty. I had to ask someone who worked there if they had any left. We looked for a few minutes until we found one copy that someone hid behind a bunch of “Stripped” CDs. I guess they figured no one would look there. Okay, that last part didn’t happen, but that would have been funny.

  9. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Define ‘desperate’ 1. A Britney fan writing fictional stories just to save their idol’s sinking career. 2. Britney Spears

  10. grprincess says:

    Poor Xtina-Dirrty she is upset Britney’s album will beat Christina Aguilera’s last album and that no one cares about Christina anymore.

  11. B0rntoplay says:

    I guess its pointless to try and argue now, since nothing is definitive. But by next week, when Britney debuts at 1, we’ll all know the truth and the haters will be eating their words.

  12. atomickitten says:

    Look at these pathetic beggars, trying to convince people that Britney’s album is popular in hopes that we will buy it to support their greedy lip syncing clothes dropping publicity whoring puppet BULL CRAP Mandy’s album was sold out…so what?

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