Britney Spears Already Out Of Her Cast

was photographed walking in Santa Monica on Saturday (June 19) without the cast that she had been wearing following her knee injury. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Already Out Of Her Cast

  1. jimmypee says:

    LMAO forget how ***** she looks, lets get to the point. she’s supposed to have it one for six weeks, and she’s already walking around without it, and on other occasions the crutches, after one week. damn, I knew the girl was faking it, but I thought she would at least keep up the pretense for more than a week.

  2. tazzsgirl says:


  3. StaceyJay says:

    I don’t like the girl but I’ve had knee surgery before, more major than she did and they don’t put you in a cast, she had a stabilizing brace that yes, is removable. I went back 3 days after my surgery and got all the wrapping off. After that, it was up to me to wear the brace which is a damn good idea. However, in a car, it’s hard to sit with your leg straight out like that, thus, the reason she isn’t out and about with it on. Or at least that’s how I was. And how can she be faking it with incisions on her knee?

  4. popmaster167 says:

    Even if she does have a serious knee injury,a friend of mine told me that she knows people who have had the same kind of injury,and they have been up and moving by the end of the week. One on earth can’t Britney just walk around the stage and allow her backup dancers to dance and illustrate the music?!

  5. popmaster167 says:

    hehe,I told you the girl was amazing?! you should see her live. Me and Megz went to…’, ‘see her at the Atlanta Midtown Music festival,and she’s even better live! and she also sang some songs that are going to be on her next album that she write,and its really amazing.

  6. JusticeKiss says:

    You would think that she would really play into this game of her knee being done. You look at all the pics of her after the accident and she has the damn crutch on the wrong side. She needs to pay someone to tell her how to use them. She is such a liar. We all know Britney hates the pictures being taken but it looks as though she invites it now so we believe. I can’t believe people still respect her. I lost it all. She can’t even talk to the world about anything. She is a coward. Her perfume will not make it and it will cause more drama with her. She doesn’t seem to care that people only care about her stunts she pulls and not her or her so called ART right. GIVE ME A BREAK! This industry is going to the dogs. And do you notice the dumbass wears ROSARY beads around her neck ! That is wrong. She dresses like a bum to. Look at what she wears. This knee thing was planned by her all the way. She is a sneak and will do what she needs to do to get what she wants. She’s with a man that has two kids. My god let him go ! GET A CLUE BRITNEY. Just like there is no video of her falling down just pictures. Funny huh

  7. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    Why remove the bandages and walk around with your incision exposed like that. That sh** looks nasty, it’s all swollen. She does need to cover that back up.

  8. DirtyPrettyThings says:

    It doesn’t look that bad. It is swollen and you can see a small cut or incision. I’m glad she’s doing better.

  9. CARPEDIEM says:

    It bothers her that some people think she’s faking the injury. Some of her fans even say she’s faking it, she’s just trying to prove she’s not. She probably thought if she showed the actual incision then all doubts would end. But no matter what there will always be doubts just because of the timing alone. They can show actual footage of her procedure and someone will still call a foul.

  10. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    I understand that.’, ‘But maybe if she wouldn’t have lied so much in the past, people wouldn’t automatically assume she’s lying now. Then again, I’m sure the timing does play into some judgements of the situation. Things aren’t going to get any better for her anytime soon, everything around her is so intense. She needs to get away and let things calm down, let the frenzy around her and her cancelled tour die down.

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